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2019 Esk8 convention?


This is were it gets difficult…but with enough time …you guys can get it together


Like I said… @okp and @LazyRolling are in my head they know what Im talking about…

You guys need to organize locally…I can’t do that for you… when you do…you start working with the larger groups in the major cities




yes first or second week of june! Ill be in denver for a convention already!


Yeah UK is pretty well covered, but if I’m heading to maybe London it’s not all that hard to keep going and be in say France WITH my board :slight_smile:

@okp and his movies have sold me on an eSk8 trip to Paris - would be excellent to combine with a Europe Meetup :smile:


I would 100% also go to Paris.

Plus, traveling within the EU is just as bad as within diferen States. Just think how far vegas is from NY


France sounds nice.


Northern California? There’s already BAEK8 with like 30-50 riders all the time? Maybe they would would be able to shine some light. @sofu?

I’m planning to go to the 2019 Renegade in Colorado and also 2020 Florida. Australia would be expensive especially for families like me…no way my wife would let me do international travels without her (I never cared much for traveling, but for esk8, it’s worth it). She’s super excited about Paris and Sweden in the future.


not that far? Did it for work a few times. sucks if I had to personally pay for it though




@Blitz @bevilacqua the other Europe eSk8 location I’ve been considering for a trip is Switzerland… more train hours but ‘bucket list’ downhill routes :wink:

EDIT: more I think about the cooler this sounds Europe eSK8 road trip 2019 done in the style of Thasher’s King Of The Road :):laughing:


Flying I meant, not driving!


BAEsk8 would love to host some sort of convention! We’ve certainly got plenty of warehouses where conventions can be held and crazy routes to test boards to the extreme :wink: For example where the Bay Area Makerfaire was held, and the ocean side route for extreme uphill and downhill


both work fine for me, would be cool to meet other builders :slight_smile:


Let’s chat soon


It cant be said enough


Having participated in the Vegas trip, there’s a few things I think that everyone planning should remember.

  • Try to get permits if possible! It was a bummer cutting Saturday short because of some complaints to the cops. They close streets in SF like every weekend for marathons. Surely, we can get permits somewhere in the US.

  • When doing street runs, double check there’s no event’s going on that might block our path. And in case something happens un-predictable (a car flips over and blocks all lanes or something), be ready with a backup plan

  • Megaphone or some loud speaker to queue up riders when racing would speed up the process. Racing was very slow. Maybe a smaller course, or starting races one after another before the last one finished.

  • Have plan in place for when (not if) someone get’s hurt. While I think Michael and everyone dealt with this in vegas very well (and it’s great we have trained medical professionals riding with us for this reason), It was a little bit chaotic and a plan ahead of time couldn’t hurt!

  • Get more people involved in planning. Micheal did one hell of a job planning this. But I there’s a lot of work to do this all for one guy. Multiple people working together would be better.

  • Get the big generator from the start! We will all combined draw a lot of power (especially my tesla brick charger charging at 12amps, haha). Even without my board plugged in, I think we could only do about 6 boards at once on the small generator. I think some math and estimates would help guide what size we really need for an event like this.

These are the main points that stick out in my mind as to where I see improvement.

Now, the things I did see right about Vegas:

Honestly, there’s too many to list, but I’ll try to hit some of the big ones I see:

  • Good hotel in a good location for most of the riders to stay at.

  • Lots of different types of activities, from poker run, to group rides, to races, to trail riding, to getting food together. We all enjoy one of these more than others, so the wide variety is great to please everyone.

  • Food for lunch at the event provided by the organizer. And not shitty fast food or something, but good food and a variety of it for everyone to find something they can eat. We have a limited amount of time for an event like this, and getting food is one of the more time consuming parts when everyone splits up to eat. Could be 3 hours for a meal before we were ready to meet up again. Getting this together allowed us all to ride together longer.

  • Light bands for the night sesh (Thanks Lazy Rollers). This was killer, as not everyone was ready with light (me included). Safety is important in a big group like this. I think having this for the next event (assuming there’s night riding) for those who didn’t come to vegas would be great.

  • Good quality trails. Everything we rode was top notch. We can’t rely on just a parking lot or the streets 100% of the time.

  • Take care of the community around us. For example, we stopped at some lot for the last place in the poker run. Security showed up, and I believe it was josh that brought them drinks. This kind of behavior is a great way to mend the relationship between the eskate and non eskate communities.

  • General teamwork. Helping each other get boards packed and shipped, dragging each other when boards died, onsite focbox troubleshooting from the engineers themselves (haha, that was epic), board storage (thanks @JohnnyMeduse). I didn’t see any fighting or arguing, everyone worked together to have a good weekend. (minus Ernesto’s frustration)

There’s so many other things that were one well that I skipped over that aren’t coming to mind right now.
I have to say, what an amazing start, thank you @Michaelinvegas for your hard work. These are my notes about the event and hope we can combine our notes together as a community to build even better events!

I down to help anyway possible in the future.


Have I told you this week that I love you?


No that was like 2 weeks ago already! haha :heart_eyes:


Big love to Luke… and thank you…

Definitely get with the @sofu and get the conversation going

Things need to always be grinded out