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15mm Wide Pulley Kits and Individual Parts (Wheel Pulley, Motor Pulley, Belts, and Hardware)



Sounds good friend will send you a PM.


Howdy! I’m looking for a drive and wheel pulley as well as a belt to Texas!


PM Sent…


I’m interested in buying the retaining ring, the set I got didn’t come with one. Can you help me with this? I can send you measurements for a size check, i need it to fit in a 72mm wheel. thanks in advance for any help you can offer

Image is just for reference, however i do have 5 bolt holes in my wheel pulley.


Hey Johnny, I’d like a set or two if you still have stock


Hey Johnny, just a heads up - I also had sent you a PM about picking up a pulley kit. Just wanted to make sure you saw it when you logged back on!


PM sent…


PM sent…


PM’s replied to - sorry for the slow responses. Was on vacay!


Happy new year johnny! Another vouch, my extra pulley/belt came without problems :slight_smile:


He, I am very interested in a full set. Do you have pulleys for a Orangatang kegel?


Sorry, don’t have it for kegels


hey could i get a full kit and plus one motor pulley?


PM sent Please take a look Sir,


PM Sent Is everything OK?


Yep got it. Will send it today.


I sent a PM!


Came quite fast,
the Belts seem a lot more Firm then I expected them to be (good thing)
The whole pulley kit feels of Hard steel,


Got another batch of pulleys. NOTE THAT THIS WILL BE THE FINAL BATCH!

Then I’m going to take my leave of the Esk8 world for a while…Too many other commitments these days and haven’t ridden any of my boards in a number of months.

I probably have enough kits for a few months, but make sure you get them while you can!


any 14t/16t pulleys johnny?