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15mm Wide Pulley Kits and Individual Parts (Wheel Pulley, Motor Pulley, Belts, and Hardware)



Any chance you have plans to add any other wheel pulley sizes? I’d love to get a 42T-44T (for some 107s).


Ive been thinking about it. But doesn’t seem to be enough demand yet. Costs a lot to set up a batch for production


I don’t want to steal Johnny’s thunder but I will have some available Black Friday… 32t all the way up to 44t.


I need kegel wheel pulleys. I wouldnt need the motor pulley as I will be using racerstar motors and there head is a little different.


Hey are you located in the United States? What are your prices gonna be? Im interested in motor pulleys


Yes I’m in the USA. Unfortunately with the limited time I had before Black Friday I wasn’t able to find a manufacturer I was confident with. Wheel pulleys, belts, motor mounts, 6374’s and Bluetooth modules will all be restocked.


Any idea when you will have these restocked then?


I’ve got another batch of kits. Lots in stock now. Aluminum drive pulleys!


Get your kits!


I’d love to get mine but they’ve disappeared into the postal ether. I should finally have enough money to buy another set next week, though, so please set a full set aside for me! :slight_smile: Definitely going to have to pay extra for tracked post this time though :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey man, they never made it to you? PM me you address again. I will make sure that you get them.

I can either send via regular mail, no cost. Or if you want to pay the difference for tracking (which could be expensive depending on where you are) let me know and we can do that.


he’s over in kangaroo paradise :wink:


Kits still available!


Will this kit fit 107mm abec flywheels? I’m using TB Motor mounts.


It will definitely fit although you will need to think about your gearing ratio and how all that is going to play out with your motor KVs etc. You would have a higher top speed with this kit.


Hi how much with shipping for 2 piece of motor pulley ?


Depends where you are, will send you a PM


Hello, im interested in a wheel pulley and motor pulley (no belts)shipped to seattle :blush:


PM sent…


Howdy sir…looking for some drive and wheel pulleys.