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15mm Wide Pulley Kits and Individual Parts (Wheel Pulley, Motor Pulley, Belts, and Hardware)



I have around 15 or so kits left. Get them while you can. Next batch might not be here for another month or more! My supplier is supper busy unfortunately…


Are your motor pulleys made of steel or aluminum?


Motor pulleys are made of steel!


Can you make a good price for 2sets include shipping to belgium?


I wanna buy a set, PM sent! :smile:


PM sent I am interested in a complete kit.


Still got a few more kits. Also, posted this deal for anyone interested in 2 kits plus trucks.


Just received my kit! Thanks again!


Still got kits?


Yes, I have a few kicking around and getting some more soon.


Recieved my pulley kit super quickly. Good looking quality. Only a few business days from Canada to USA. Can’t wait for rest of my build to be complete!
Came with 2 belts, one not pictured.


I’m still waiting for mine :disappointed: Unfortunately there’s no way to predict how long a shipment will take from Canada to Aus. I’m at the mercy of a lot of postal workers.


Shouldn’t take too long mate. Mine arrived in Melbourne pretty quickly


Yeah hopefully it should be any day now. It’s been nearly a month so far so it’s getting more likely that they’ll just turn up.


How much for 2 motor pulleys shipping to ny?


PM sent…


Would you be able to sell just two pairs of the different belts? I’m running a dual motor and I’m not sure which belt size I’m going to need


Sorry unfortunately I don’t have that many extra belts…but hear you can get them from vbelt supply.


Hey @johnny_261 do you still have the kit available… I was trying to contact you … but no luck…


Sorry, was away for a few days so haven’t been on here. I’ll send you a PM.