Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | FocBox $99USD

15mm Wide Pulley Kits and Individual Parts (Wheel Pulley, Motor Pulley, Belts, and Hardware)



I’m in the middle of “working something out” with the Chinese eBay sellers. I’m going to be in touch with you by Wednesday I’m sure.


Sounds good man. Looking forward to hearing from you.


New shipment of kits just arrived! Get them while they are hot!


It arrived very quickly. Tnx again very good quality.

Just to note everyone: it doesn’t fit well on flywheel copies, i used only 3 bolts. And 255mm belt is way too tight with the gear ration. I couldn’t even get it on. (depends on mount)

I was thinking idler but that’s just silly. Even 265 is very short that there wouldnt be any space for. I’d say 265 is perfect size

Ps. Centering the wheel gear was hard. It took me an hour to get it just enough.


Thanks for the feedback. It varies for different flywheel clones as the cores are all slightly different. I did manage to get all 6 bolts in there if you drill the holes just a hair wider in the core. But it does take a little bit of effort depending on the exact wheels you have.


true true. 3 is doing just fine. the bolt is nice and thick that I don’t think it will break before the core :laughing:. do u also sell just the belts? or where can I order? I want some extra belt


I haven’t ordered from them personally, but heard v belt supply is good. I don’t have any extra belts, just enough for the kits.


About 12 dozen more kits left in this batch. Getting a new batch soon though.


hey how quick can u ship


He ships from Canada without tracking to save shipping and delivery is 1-3 weeks.


Hope mine arrive before the weekend, last part to my build :cry:


Yes, I ship next day after purchase, but depends on where you are in the US for how long it takes to arrive. 1-3 weeks is generally the time frame. Less time closer you are to the west coast.


if it takes 3 weeks to arrive to New York from Canada, why not just order from China?


Ugh. Went back and re-read the original post. I thought these were from a large purchase from one of those Chinese ebay sellers.


Just received the pulleys today.

Happy with the quality.


Ditto mine just came :grin:


ship to mexico


Yeah man, if you buy from China you will not get this kit. They just stole my pics but are selling complete garbage.


hey how much is the total cost of shipping to chile?


PM sent…