Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


you’re using 260mm belt right? What’s your pulley teeth count? I have 250mm belt with 15:35 gearing not sure if that’ll fit this mount.


“Cheap” and “Good” are usually mutually exclusive; great work @Boardnamics these look amazing


yeah I’m using 260mm belts with a 35 to 13 gear ratio


Oops I actually use the same gear ratio as you, 13:35 not 15:35. Good to know :smile:


Hey there! I ordered on the 6th … Any idea when my order will ship!? Was hoping to get it before the holidays. Cheers.


I ordered on Nov 24, but USPS tracking showed that they haven’t received the order yet…


Soon…I promise.

I do them in big batches and this one’s done.


Hey so I seen you now chamfer the edges on these. Will orders in this batch get this?


Yup, all those are latest and greatest. Clamp doesn’t have chamfer yet though


Any chance of adding 2 holes by the motor area to run cross bars?


I can but if I don’t sell crossbars then I don’t see the value


The value is other people buying your product for the added feature. Since you are selling to a diy community, they can make their own rods.

I would buy a pair for sure.


True dat :wink:


Make holes that double as pulley cover and cross 5 is needed :wink:


Cant wait to try these mounts out, the previous DIYE 5mm thick plates I used here had bent after 20 miles!
I will try and move the pinion closer to the mount this time.
photo WhatsApp Image 2018-12-15 at 9.19.25 PM 1.jpeg


Got around 20 orders out last night. They should all arrive by Monday except for international.

I am off school now so I can actually get stuff done quickly. Pulley covers are coming!

Also, I could make crossbars but how long should they be? Surely they can’t be fixed because the spacing isn’t the same for everyone. Maybe some kind of nut and screw design?


just got a video done making a drivetrain using these mounts check it out here-


It’s interesting to see my own product being assembled, never seen it before haha.

Makes me want to do an installation video myself. There is a certain tightening order with the clamp pieces that works best. In the video, I couldn’t tell if u tightened the 4 smaller screws all the way. Ideally they should be lightly snugged up so that way the big 2 bolts can move the pieces together to clamp the truck. Then after it’s all done you tighten the 4 small screws to lock it in place

I’ll make a little installation manual over my school break :slight_smile:


I sorta figured that out when playing around with them - once you tighten the 2 big bolts down you cant really move the plate as it clamps it in between the 4 small bolts.


Yeah it’s a bit weird. I oversized all the holes to combat this. Its a good idea to snug up the 4 screws first because then the clamp pieces sit flush with the arm.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. Tighten the bolts and it ain’t going nowhere :slight_smile: