$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


Fuq! My motors arrived today. I lost my patience :sweat_smile: Can you add some holes so I can add a pulley cover later on?


Waiting patiently on mine :grin: thanks for the affordable mounts!


good lookin out, kevin! :star_struck::heart_eyes:


Making progress


trying to figure out what belts I will need. Going to be running 36t wheel pulley and 16t motor pulley. I tried to do some searching. What’s the best way to figure this out?


I run simulations on a program from Gates to find the right belts. The 320mm I include would work great for that ratio


Didn’t even know you included belts! Nice, looking forward to getting the mounts. What size width are they?


Use this, he has the center distance at 70mm ± 8 which Iassume means you can adjust it that much


I never accounted for an idler so that link get’s thrown out the window if you’re using one.


12mm. Some people swear by 15mm but 12mm works just fine especially with an idler


Ah I am going to be using standard caliber II trucks so the wheel pulleys I 3D printed today are 9mm. Hmm.


I’m planing on using dual 6355 with 15mm belts on e-calibers. I was told this would work fine on another thread. Regular calibers I’m not sure. I am gonna be using bolt on pulleys so that probs helps.


This says i would be good with 275mm length belts hmm :thinking:


Because it doesn’t include idlers into the mix which take more belt length. Both the idler and non idler would work though


Oh I ordered the non idler version so I guess 275 would be more accurate for me maybe :slight_smile: can’t wait to get them! Cheers