Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


yeah once tightened it isn’t going nowhere these are rock solid thanks again for a great product at a great price!


You could just make and leave the holes and people can put bars as they wish


Do these fit evolve trucks?


Would it be bad to paint these?


Not sure, what is the diameter of the bolt circle on those trucks?


You can but it is aluminum so anodizing is the best option for color


@Eboostin Yes they do but only two holes line up. You need to set your angle using two of the holes and either drill the 3rd hole in the mount or the truck.


So close, thanks @Boxer86


Got mine on Monday but just made it to the mailbox today! They look awesome. We’re they supposed to come with belts or no? I didn’t get any. Just wondering and THANKS!


The non-idler version does not come with belts, but in the future I may start selling 15mm wide 270mm belts.


Wonderful thanks :slight_smile: like I said they look great, can’t wait to finish my build with them. I’ll make sure to send photos :+1:


Orders mine ages ago and it is finally just arrived in Sydney NSW Today, Cant wait :slight_smile:


I am working on getting these out faster. I make them all myself. Even with a machine and all it still takes probably 25 minutes per mount from start to finished product. I try to get them as perfect as I can but I am realizing most people don’t notice the little impurities.

More of em going out.
Pulley covers soon :slight_smile:


Anyone on this thread that can tell me exactly what tools I need for the various hardware? I’m gonna have to go to the store to get some things and I don’t wanna miss anything


Allen wrenches and a pair of pliers worked for me.

Edit: I think there imperial.


Im down for a set to run custom cross rods


Keep doing what your doing mate its epic :slight_smile:


Do they fit Trampa 12fifties?


How did you design the clamp? Does the profile of the trucks perfectly match a box with a semicircle or do I have to adjust the arc? Do you know the measurements for TB trucks? I am trying to draw up a clamp in Solidworks.


I took the cross section of a normal caliber and copied it. Because it is a cast truck, it’s not an exact measurement so more often than not its slightly oversized. Torqueboards is apparently 1mm more in every direction. I know for sure you will have to file either the truck or the clamp. The good news is it’s a fast job because you only have to file the width of the clamp and not the entire length of the truck.