Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


Working on the printed pulley covers. So far I am designing two versions; small wheel (83mm-97mm) to large wheel (97mm-110mm) version to account for different wheel diameters.

I am implementing a chamfered edge as well as a facing operation on both sides of the part which will greatly enhance the overall look and finish. They will have that mirror-like shine :smiley:
Right now, I hit the whole part with a wire wheel which makes them smooth but roughens the finish. Now I get the best of both worlds!


Looks promising! Should I purchase now or wait for the upgrades?


Will it work with a 30mm motor shaft?


30mm? You sure you got that right? I haven’t seen a motor with a 3cm shaft


I would wait for the update. Shouldn’t be too long now :slight_smile:


TB 6374: 32mm shaft
BKB 6374: 30mm shaft


will the pulley covers be released or will they need to be purchased?


Whoops, thought you mean’t diameter. Yes it will, I am designing them to support up to 32mm in shaft length.


They will need to be bought, but they will be cheap. Probably around $3 each.


That phrase is giving me flashbacks.


Do those flashbacks have something to do with what I think it does??? :wink:


10 char


@Boardnamics you have any plans of making a clamp for surf rod trucks?


Sure, someone just has to send me dimensions


Someone on the forum has CAD file of the trucks.
@moon @nuttyjeff ?


@Holyman92 hook @Boardnamics with the stl files of the rkp trucks please?


Finally! Fresh supply of bearings and belts are here!


just got this drivetrain done with some 63mm @Boardnamics mounts and @JLabs (build kit boards) motors!


Looks awesome, I will add a gallery to my site.


hopefully ill have drivetrain useing a set of your 50mm mounts with tires finished soon!