Buy FOCBOX Unity

$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


Alrighty, if you have ready stock then I hope it can be delivered soon :slight_smile:

I just ordered it from your site :+1: the order to Malaysia :wink:

Look forward for it :smiley:


I also think this is the best solution, it’s easier to get enough torque using the nut, without stripping the bolts.


I previously purchased 2 of the Idler versions , of your mounts and I and I wanted to see if it would be possible to buy just 2 of the Non-Idler Arms? I’m also interested in a pair of the 63mm motor covers. Are the up for sale on your website?


As for the covers, I changed the overhang in the design and they now print quite strong. They will be on sale for $3.99 and will include 2 M4 x 20mm bolts and 2 M4 nylon nuts to secure it.

The idler version may never have a pulley cover, I don’t know yet. It would get in the way of things.

To answer your question, yes I am adding more stuff to my site including the ability to purchase the clamps, arms, and pulley covers separately.


Btw just wanted to be sure, I ordered 2 sets of the idler mount, so you’ll send the mirrored version correct? As I’m gonna run a dual drive setup :+1:


Yup, all idler kits bought in multiples of 2 are mirrored


That’s awesome :+1: I look forward to get it soon :smiley:


you drill them by hand?!
I thought the CNC did the holes as well


The only holes I drill by hand are the 2 big holes for the clamp pieces. They are orientated in a different direction which would require a 2nd operation and a fixture to get them cut on the CNC. It is a lot faster on a drill press for those 2.


Ok well let me know. I’m ready to order them as soon as possible… thanks man!


oh i see. makes sense


Has anyone tried the idler version with 100mm wheels (I have Boas) and would love to throw an idler into my build.


Im running dual idlers on TB218s with mbs 100mm wheels and with 320mm belts it just fits


I placed an order through your website for 2 idlers but looks like I won’t need these after all. They still haven’t shipped, can I cancel my order?


@Boardnamics Have you considered a longer version (100mm ±10mm) for bigger wheels?


How about mounting plates for evolve supercarve trucks?

I need a reason to convince my colleagues to upgrade from cheese grade OEM mounting brackets.


Maybe. I try to avoid custom work because it takes me significantly longer. New CAD and toolpaths. The chamfer code changes. I might make a small run of evolve specific arms.

Ur talking the supercarves right? The one with the 3 bolts


just bought a pair of 50mm mounts, those covers coming soon? :grinning:


Yes, to suit the Gen 3 Bamboo and Carbon GT owners. Gives them no reason to not have better quality parts.


Still refining the print settings but the design is done:

They print strong but not that pretty. :slight_smile: