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$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts


That’s how mine came and the have been working ever since, there is nothing wrong with them.


The /s you see? That means sarcasm.


ohhhh, yea i didn’t no what that meant


Along with the updates in surface finish and pulley covers, I would like to offer additional options for other trucks besides Caliber II. The only 2 that I can make reliably due to the cross section of the hangers are:

  • Circular clamp for Paris/universal
  • Hexagon clamp for Surfrodz TPK Trucks

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maybe add a caliber clamp with a 1mm taller arch so it would fit tb 218 trucks perfectly. also when will the pulley covers be available to purchase/download?


Later this week. I still am not able to print them as good as I would like but it may have to suffice.


is there a 50mm cover designed yet?


No, but I can whip it out real quick.


So any updates on cranking out the mounts?


So far so good. Almost 200 clamp pieces have been cut. The 2nd op like chamfer takes more time though.

Also fine tuned my printer so the covers are turning out great, quite strong too. I will update with pictures tomorrow.

As for the new clamps, I will get those under way as well. So far the consensus is that there should be both a surfrodz TPK and a universal circle clamp. I will start producing both very soon!


Nice, looking forward to seeing the new designs.


Hi @Boardnamics I’m not sure if I’m blind or it wasn’t stated but may I confirm that the idler version would work on both 50mm and 63mm motors?

So there is no need to buy a separate mount correct?

And also, is there any other shipping method to Malaysia that’s more economical?


You are correct, idler supports both 63mm and 50mm motor sizes.

There is no cheaper shipping method in the US unfortunetely. I looked everywhere. The bonus I suppose is that it includes tracking.


Hey are you going to make the tpk clamp compatible with caliber mount plates? Or will they require new mounts?


I just installed mine on caliber 2s and they appear to be working quite well. I opted for the idler-less version as the idlers on my previous mount created more headaches than they were worth.

Only improvement that I would like to see is threaded holes on the truck clamp for the ‘motor plate arm’ instead of using nuts to secure it. This is of course an improvement that I could easily make on my own though.

Overall very impressed for the price. Two thumbs up!


Nope, there will be no additional pieces except for the clamps. It all will be compatible :slight_smile:


Alright understood on that :+1:

Do you have ready stock for the idler version now? How long would it take for your to ship them?


That’s frikn awasome man!


That was a design consideration. I went with a nut because they’re cheaper, replaceable, and easier for me to produce. A threaded hole means a tapping operation which is considerably slower than me just drilling 400 holes. A nut costs me 5 cents and is easily replaceable. Only downside is ease of installation.


My stock is low, but I have all materials necessary. Give me a week and I will be caught up.