105mm airless tire hub motor


Yup stripped the skullboard Motor, swappable meepo v2 hubs (no need to strip the pu). Landyatch foam griptape was also a good investment. Liquid nails fuse it (adhesive), fused it. Dirt, Ice, gravel, grass is in the past


Cool, thanks for answering all the questions. Way to get resourceful and hack it all together!


well those skullboard hubs have realtive low watt rating. It doesn’t surprise me they are underwhelming.
@donta42 my motors are on the way, i can finally start soon. I guess i will finish around christmas.
The awesome part is, we have a new 2d soon 3d cnc (3mx2mx0,5m), that thing is a beast.
And a lasercutter for small parts. Gonna do some fun shit.


Tip best Motors for this project are the swappable pu ones. Since the

se tires tires designed to last thousands of miles. You’ll Still be able to swap a burnt Motor if that ever occurred.


Since I had already bought these hubs I had to find a way to remove the vibrations. I used automotive PU adhesive that is used for sticking glass to frame to fill in the tread pattern. This is the end result.

I will be testing these soon and I have high hopes that this will be enough. Might also reduce the rolling resistance.
If this is not enough then I will do another layer on top of this.


On the rearhub motors after the Pu dried halfway I turned the motors on and took a sand paper to the wheel. This is what it looks like now.

I might need one more layer to completely filled out the A pattern. But its still fairly close right now and I didn’t want to over do it in first go.


Dude, you bought these wheels for the extra rubber traction. By adding pu adhesive, you’re turning those nice tires back to regular skate wheels. Trust me on my mod these things carve great, so crazy I can carve on gravel now confidently (at your own risk). The vibrations are not from the wheels, its the Motors locking up & restarting every half sec or so. Temp sensor maybe, but those Motors are definitely undersized.


The vibrations ARE from the wheels! I have them on a unmotorized board (yet), and there is definitely annoying vibrations in there. More annoying is the resistance to roll, though… Energy frugality is definitely not part of the specs for those wheels!


Cool, maybe I haven’t noticed it from flex Ave trucks & foam griptape. But I rarely ever loose footing since I got these wheels. Use to get bad ankle pain & numb toes, not anymore… Idk, do your thing playa


These motors are used in multiple boards including carvon a version of meepo, koowheel and a few others. none of them have vibrations. No to mention I could feel the vibrations even when just rolling unpowered.
After quick test I think I can say I got rid of most vibration caused by the tread pattern. I want to test the range today as well to see if there is an improvement but I don’t have any previous figures to compare it with. So I guess it won’t be very helpful. A more complete review coming soon.


I’m 190 pounds and mine did 12-14wh


Ok yes I can feel very minor vibrations from kick pushing, anything below 8mph you will feel some of the thread pattern. Anything above 8mph doesn’t bother at all, it maybe because we’re on two different set ups. But the main reason I got rid of my Motor was because 1.they are weak, not enough torque 2. Sluggish acceleration (even on expert mode) 3. They consume a lot of energy (2mile range) for nothing. I popped my meepo Motors in, got my torque/range(14miles) back just more traction. Good luck not damaging your batteries with those things


A 2 mike range just from the wheels seems suspicious. Are the motors damaged at all cos that would mean you are using 70wh per mile


Nope motors were not defective. They just suck, its the same Motors from koowheel v1. They just threw some rubber on them #horrible


I haven’t seen anyone else with problems this severe. A 12mile range difference just from wheels and motors doesn’t sound right


Yup, took it up a 25° hill got 8mph on full charge. Same Hill with my meepo Motors 18mph. It’s just crazy, when you’re accustomed to having the good stuff you just can’t downgrade. But good luck with you’re mods tho :+1:


Torque will obviously be lost due to a 15mm increase in wheel diameter. Also I don’t have these hubs was just stating your findings are different from many others


The Rubber tires are very light without the Motors in them. I put my meepo Motor in that 105mm tire, no torque was lost #seriously


@Pat I actually got more speed, use to get 23-24mph. Now I get 25-27mph, due to the increase in diameter/traction & still the same rpm


So I went on a 3 mile ride. Here’s a full review of these wheels without any vibration problems.
Vibrations from wheel thread are completely gone. I used this leftover PU adhesive I had to resurface the wheels, so I did not spend extra to do this but if you plan to do this there is a black one available for cheaper.

After the PU conversion on a 10s3p 30Q 9Ah battery these wheels will give me about 15 miles range if I am going slow about 10 mph average with some hills mixed in. Not that great results considering you’ll lose more range if you are going at higher speeds.
I am using 2 focboxes in sensored FOC and 20A Battery Amp and 40A motor Amp. As people have noticed the torque is fairly bad and these motors heat up quickly. After just 3 miles and 1 hill these motors became uncomfortably hot to touch. Which makes me think 20A really is the max you should put in them.
Hills It’ll be a slow climb on most hills greater then 10%. If you have a long and steep hill these hubs will likely stall after a while
Comfort Well now that the vibrations are gone these should be comfortable right? Well… maaaaaybe, if the roads are not too bad near you these will be comfortable for the most part. However i am not going to take these on shit roads as they feel about as comfortable as 107’s to me, so it feels like you are loosing all that range for nothing.
Conclusion: Not that powerful and a mediocre range and ride at best, these don’t compare to true Pneumatics. However out of all the hub motors these are probably the best and most comfy ride you will find at least after you take care of the vibrations.