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100mm Boa Constrictor wheels



Actually, they ride more like SuperFly, probably due to their width and shape. I do wish to see a 110mm Constrictor wheel though in clear, light-blue 75a high-rebound polyurethane.

Please? :smiley:


Just keep repeating if anyone is tempted to get these. Holy sh*t, ar least it is not only EU with crazy wheel prices :slight_smile:


$160 a set :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Plus customs and tax in EU :smiley:


Resellers will most likely sell them here, i havent had any problems finding wheels here thats from the US so far.


For $150, you’re getting a bigger wheel and paying a premium for the Abec-11 reputation and proven urethane formula. Since these wheels are basically untested for the masses, I think it’s going to be a hard sell for many at that price point. I really want you to succeed with these wheels, cause they look great, and get a set myself, but I think they would probably have to be priced at or slightly below the ABEC-11 97’s to be competitive.

How about a sweet intro price for us builders to take the plunge and post some reviews, then raise them later after they’ve proven themselves? :wink:


Why can’t jed design the wheel without much thane? Can’t u increase the size of the core and keep the thanes minimum?
it will be cheaper


There already exists cheap hub motor boards for this purpose. I think these wheels are targeting “quality” and not “cheap”


even at $160, if they are the only wheel you can get that rides even remotely like a Superfly then they’ll sell out.


Totally agree. We’re still crunching the numbers as we’re waiting to confirm the final pour costs with Labeda.

I’d be happy to offer up a special price here to get more riders on them once we’re done. We’ve got a few samples out there now with various riders in different countries stress testing them and nothing but positive vibes.


… you cannot pour urethane in the grand State of California. Every commercial attempt in that direction will eventually lead to a marketing stalemate. Not only the product will be prohibitively expensive but available in short supply. That’s why if you want to create a fantastic wheel at an affordable price that will take the hobby like a storm in huge quantities, you need to move your manufacturing facilities to Burkina Fasso, Belice or Timbuktu.


Honestly I’d like to see an MBS shaped wheel that’s preshaved in a abec like compound. Rounded lips on esk8 don’t make much sense to me.

-square lip profile like MBS are after they’ve been shaved
-100mm (not 93 like after shaving)
-kegel core
-75 or 76a classic(to me classic is grippier then 74a reflex)
-65mm contact patch…

Basically a premium formula preshaved MBS wheel… Lol mmkk


I think that’s the opposite of what these wheels are trying to achieve. Looking forward to future wheels from Boa Wheels that cover more of the wheel spectrum of electric longboarding needs though


We’re looking at offering harfang treatment on them too.


What we need, are 74a 90 and 97mm wheels priced at $50.


There are a lot more wheels in the market like that already, it’s the top end that is hurting by only having one or two options, some of which are rarely available


Find me 74a 97mm wheels for <$50 and ill buy them :wink:


@b264 make that two sets and I’ll buy you a beer too, good luck👍


What you don’t understand is that while that specific wheel may not be available, I’m saying that in general wheels of smaller sizes are generally more available than the larger ones and have been in the market longer.

Plus, this is cutting-edge wheel research. To everyone talking about “cheap, cheap, cheap” well you can have “good” or “cheap”, pick one. This room is for “good”. We’re not striving for cheap in here, that’s just adding noise to the conversation.


I did some research and chemistry for pouring polyurethane is expensive plus the process itself is dificult and requires a lot of knowlage. On top of that I can imagine that not every batch is ok so there’s probably a waste to.
I’m aloso looking for reasonable priced wheels but these are not them with that price. The core is ready so no molds for that. Maybe they can and should be cheaper?

So talking with Labeda you know that your wheels are going to be around that price? :wink: