Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | FocBox $99USD

100mm Boa Constrictor wheels



Alright well I’ve crunched some numbers. We can do an introductory price of $100 for the first few hundred sets then we will look at a final retail price of around $120-130.


Overtone window? :wink:

From where and to where are you shipping?


Still figuring out final shipping but we will likely stock most in our US warehouse and some in our HK warehouse. Shipping will be calculated at checkout based on your location.


That’s more like it…


Have you decided the final color?


What is the official duromater? I don’t think I saw you officially post that anywhere.


Final colour will be a dark purple.


Final duro will be our super high rebound 80A.


Any plans for a run of black?


So these wheels are made in the US but you might ship them to China to stock them there?


Some in our HK warehouse and some in our US warehouse. HK can cover Asia Pacific better than the USA can, and shipping rates are generally better for customers.


Not at this stage.


To me to (10 cha) [quote=“Deckoz, post:73, topic:41532”]
to me classic is grippier then 74a reflex


Yea :confused:

If only someone would make big square lip wheels for esk8 :frowning:


I Like the 107 reflex but think I would LOVE the 107 in Classic and square!


donkboard wheels


No love for EU?


Absolutely. We have access to warehouses across the world where we are stocking our Jed Boards. Just really depends on volumes as to where we store things.


I’m in at $100


Was really looking forward to these wheels when a guy on Facebook told me about them, but the price and no EU warehouse kills it for me :frowning:

Sad would have loved to use a pair.