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100mm Boa Constrictor wheels



I think you’ll be better off with kegel style cores. the speedvent cores won’t play as nice with the hardware…
there are a few 76mm options with a few different duros.


Why though? I want 107mm and round edges…


Any news with those? I’m having a hard time to find wheels in EU :frowning:


The wheels aren’t for general sale yet, they are being tested by a few folks on a few continents in a few different climates. So far I am happy with them. The only downside seems to be pulley compatibility since these are the less-popular kegel-style hub pattern. But overall I’m okay with that, since these cores seem much stronger than the abec11 style spoke pattern.


It’s a matter of time when this will be a standard core for esk8. :slight_smile:


I really liked these wheels, can you measure the offset of the truck side? Is it the same of the kegel? in another words, a kegel pulley is directly compatible or the pulley has to be taller so the belt and the wheel have enough clearance


We just need squishy wheels in 97mm upwards at a good price THAT IS ACTUALLY AVAILABLE TO BUY. As soon as someone clocks that they will be the standard esk8 wheel. ABEC11 flywheels could have been that wheel, but their lack of availability and high price precluded them. Now its all irrelevant for them.


Yeah, that’s the major thing alright …

These don’t pass that test yet, either.

Yet. :slight_smile:


…a real 110 mm, 119 mm or 125 mm wheel should be the esk8 standard. But so far for a strange reason, no manufacturer has come with the right wheel, the right duro, at the right moment and the right price… in good quatities. :confused:



That gif looks especially pathetic

Here’s my perception of Mellow board before and after they announced the price for their product:

Hopefully the same shit doesn’t happen with these Boa wheels.


:rofl: :joy::joy::ok_hand:t3: that gif is perfect


Hey all. We’re starting production tooling with Labeda this month, takes around 60 days to finish the tool and pour the wheels. We’ll have these available in our HK/US warehouse and will be doing all our fulfilment and shipping from there. We’re working with a few retailers as well to be stocking them.

Retail pricing is $160 USD/set. And we’re producing 1000 sets of wheels in our first run so expect plenty of availability.

The core has the same offset profile as the standard kegel and will fit anything that takes a kegel wheel. Some pics below mounted to a boosted V2. Top speed on the BBV2 is now around 47km/hr and doesn’t require any modifications and all with stock pulleys.

Some more pics and videos below.


holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk

$160/set seems a bit steep imo


The retail pricing isn’t set in stone yet, but its our estimated pricing.


these wheels look AWESOME. but at that price, I could just get some flywheels and call it a fay


$60 a set sounds better.


Yikes…I originally reached out to you on Instagram and was sure I would purchase these wheels when available, regardless of price…but $160 a set? That’s 2 sets of Popocas and another $20. I think $100 would be more appropriate, but what do I know?


I can understand any questions regarding the price. As mentioned its not the final price yet. We’re still working the numbers. They’re not cheap wheels to make. They’re made in California by Labeda who make the Orangatang Kegels and this is our own formula we’ve developed, not a stock formula.

Making them $60 is completely unsustainable. If you look at other wheels this size such as the ABEC 107’s and the Evolve branded ABEC 107’s they’re around $150-160.


…when you can actually buy them…


lol the 100mm Boas are more comparable to 97mm flywheels.

The search for reasonably priced wheels continues…