"I’m sorry but your image is not historically accurate"

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Are those pulley in the front…, Is it a 4wd with hidden motor?




How long do orders normally take?


I ordered my enclosure black friday and it is out for delivery today but I had him make it slightly taller for me so I’m totally understandable if it was pushed to the last one. But a full custom build would probably be a few weeks because of the amount of work and detail to go into the deck.


I’m making as many as I can every day!! Orders are coming!!


When I got the email saying it was sent it said Friday so Now I will have it a day early. #winning #psychotilleristheman


Ordered in October not heard any thing yet.


Maybe you should contact him directly I have never had a problem both times I have ordered from him. It also depends on what it was that you ordered as he is out of stock on some things so that could be the case as well. I would suggest you contacting him directly.


Also remember, he makes most if not all of his products by himself. He runs the show, he puts out nothing but quality and doesn’t cut corners.

I’m all fine with waiting for something a bit longer to have the knowledge that I’m getting something super high quality and i know its going to withstand the abuse I’m going to put it up against.


Just received package, Thank you PT!


Yo @psychotiller, you can do mine last broski. I have no immediate plans for that enclosure. Just thought it was dope and the price was sexy.
Maury Chersmers


Ahh… that makes sense I thought my package was lost in the mix. Thank you for the update and ignore my DM :grin:


Evo should arrive at any moment, no?


My enclosure came yesterday and I forgot to take a picture of it. Currently waiting for a real reason to change out my old enclosure.



@psychotiller is the MAN. Just saying…


Mine didnt come wrapped like that didn’t even have the psychotiller sausages.


Wrapping was done by my mother. At least I think?