WtB PVC Heat Wrap for double stack pack


As title says. Dude for the last 2 months ive been ordi g so many heat wrap & i stay buying the wrong size. I need 155mm wide for a 12s6p DOUBLE STACK PACK. Please let know as im here soon almost done charging all cells & getting ready for spot welding soon.


can i see pictures of your double stack cause you might need heat shrink wider then 155mm


word. I have 220mm for double stack double wide…and its just right but maybe a hair tight…if i order again Id get something just a hair bigger… like 230-240imo


It will be about 5.5" wide & 1.5" tall


Im charging cells atm. Getting ready too spot weld the pack soon.


Its 5.5" wide & 1.5" tall & 15" long


Anyone have this ? Im like half way done with my pack build & i really really need this after im done. If anyone has this please let me know


Uploading: 20190507_174417.jpg…


Still looking hahah


I have a whole bunch of sizes. 160, 200, 215 I think. PM me

I will look tomorrow


@MannyM0E, I used this stuff when I made my 12s6p packs, I think it worked well enough.

Sorry I don’t have a better photo


Yes have that size. But i need the size that can wrap both packs