WTB 16/36 Pulley set

Looking for 16/36 tooth pulley set, preferably meter. 8 mill motor shaft.


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Buy this and just get a 16t pulley off ebay for a few dollars. You cant beat the price of this set. It even includes so decent belts


I’m in Australia, so shipping might be a prick, but these are $65AUD per set plus shipping.

EDIT: They’re 15T/36T 15mm

Can you give me any idea on shipping cost? I know jimmyho if it’ll fit in a padded envelope does $5 for epacket from China. But I dont know how much costs he’s eating on it… If it’s not outrageous I’d be all over that set.

Also would 320mm belt be available? That’s what I use on my rig


If it’s under 22aud I can PayPal tonight. Unless you’ve a eshop to go to?

Edit: Are you needing just 1 set for single drive or two sets for dual?

This is my last set of 320mm, my man!

PM me your address and I’ll get a shipping cost for you.

PayPal is totally fine.

@Shadowfax did you mention if your wheels are Kegel core or abec core? Your location , what trucks your going to use and belt width?

Abec core, little Rock Arkansas, caliber 2’s and 15mm… Thanks guess that would have helped huh?