Winter Season Preparations


snow mask under TSG is perfect :wink: :+1: Got a neopren one, really hot and tight fit on your face like 2nd skin.

Got this as mittens for the hand that controls the remote :

Edit : Mechanix Wear LFR-75-011 Gants, Marron/Noir


Can you edit the link to the gloves too please?


I just wear lots of layers inc. baselayer

the winter customs stuff (I ride my bajaboard in the snow)


There’s north face vans going about too, vans made using materials from the north face i got the low there was a hi in all black are some pretty nice sneaks.


You guys sure are resilient. No stopping you…lol. WE are completely spoiled here in Brisbane weather wise.

I bet Jeremiah Dixon and Charles Mason would have welcomed these two…


having a hard time relating to anything in this thread.


Current 37F…clear and cold.


27 post and not a single person talk about layering :expressionless: I rode through 3 winters in NYC on eskate and although we don’t get as many cold days as Minneapolis, some days the temperature can drop into the single digits.

For those cold, cold days, I learned the most effective way to combat cold isn’t to wear a thick ass jacket but rather to wear a windproof jacket, down jacket for warmth and a sweater. The purpose of layering is to block off the cold winds while still containing the heat your body gives off.

The lower body, mainly the legs and feet layering are usually the same. Tights to retain the heat and windproof outer layer to block off the cold winds. Wool socks and boots for feet,water & windproof pants for legs.

Gloves are much more tricky because of the remote. I usually wear windproof gloves for heat retaining and a bulky waterproof glove on the free hand for balancing while the remote hand is in my jacket (without the bulky glove) so that I can block off the wind without losing the ability to control the remote trigger.

For my head, I would only wear a fleece head mask that covers the whole head except for the eyes and a regular open full face helmet. But, if it gets wayyy too cold, I would wear the mask and a TSG helmet which would usually be sufficient.

The layering technique might be overblown, but it is the most effective way against cold wind and last winter I rode through rain, snow and super cold days. It’s really fun to ride in the cold. This is what I wore through the snow storm last winter





I missed that! Thanks for pointing it out for me!


Layers are the way to go.
I normally cycle year round (rains alot in Oregon)
It just comes down to wearing whats comfortable when wet, and blocks wind chill.
Im glad i have more opinions for pants in the winter now that im gonna try esk8 all winter. Bikes aren’t to friendly to lose clothes. Trying to stay dry and warm on a bike in Oregon is pretty much impossible in tight clothing.


Ya no kidding bro. My first winter riding esk8 was bad, I thought wearing jeans would be sufficient enough for riding in winter. I learned that winter what cold means. It only took another year and a biker friend to tell me about layering before I smarten up :sweat_smile:


Im more worried about making my board weatherproof than staying warm/dry.


Mine is more or less completely weatherproof.
However the one time I got caught out in the rain and had to do 16km (10miles for those of you of the Queen’s English :grin:) I spent hours cleaning wheel and motor bearings.
I won’t even mention the fact that riding on urethane on Greek wet roads is suicidal.


Im use to riding my skateboard in the rain so im not to worried about that. Definitely worried about my motors
Ill have to have a second set of bearings ready at all times so i can just swap them every few days and clean the dirty ones when ready.
my board has 14 bearings, would take forever to remove, clean reinstall all at once.


The bearings on my MBS AT 100mm are a bitch to get in and out. I won’t even mention the motor bearings.
Now that I have SixShooters that require a bearing press to put in, I think I will spare myself the hassle and drive my car or get a taxi if I get caught out in the rain again.


@Skunk, @taz

Can you explain you nworries regarding bearings? I thought sealed bearings would do a good job of keeping water and crud out and would not require the maintenance you suggest. Please help me understand better?



Theoretically yes.
In practice however my Bones Redz (which are sealed from the outside if you insert them correctly), felt like shit after that ride.
Also motor bearings are not sealed (most are ZZ type).


Has anyone come up with a 3d part that would shroud the wheel bearing some way? I not really into the whole fender thing… Also, for only cold weather use a wheel motor shroud if properly designed I cannot see a big problem. Ideas or suggestions I have a 3D printer but not experienced with designing parts.



Just run ceramic bearings in the winter. Or buy a big pack of cheap ones and toss new ones on every now and then.
There’s no real good way to protect bearings on a skateboard. You can’t make wheels waterproof and the water will always have crap in it that’s going to find its way in your wheels and bearings.