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Will I have to pay import tax / duty from enertion boards to UK?


Hi guys does anyone have any idea if I will need to pay import duty if I order parts from enertion to UK? I’m sure I read on here somewhere that someone had to?

Oh and is te enertion vesc any good?



Yes, and the rate is pretty high, 75 gbp for a 290 gbp order, a good 25%, crazy? No, UK :slight_smile:
And if for some reason parcelforce is delivering the package, add other 13 pounds. I ordered a deck from china and it costed me almost double.

Still, I am very happy with enertion stuff (rspec+ kit) and I ordered another time to get another VESC and new pulleys + spaced trucks (because I got the old kit for some reason, that should be stronger ) and probably will order again (dual motor mounts,. pulleys 13/36t and motors) at some point maybe.