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Why do so many people endorse surf rods rkp trucks?


High speed stability I assume is the main feature for fast eskates. That and caliber II has a very convenient shape for clamping a motor mount to. Most TKP hangers have a weird shape that would be difficult to clamp on a motor mount.

TKP can still be good with the right setup. But I think that is only surfrodz at the moment because the hexagonal hanger is easy to mount motors on.


I kinda wanna do dual diagonal on indy tkp trucks with welded mounts. Would be great for a smaller deck.



The more I read this. Not one aspect of anything said here is accurate.

Just not what happened. The set up is a brick shithouse.

Seems I stepped on some toes. It was not my intention to cause such a conmotion. Yeah, by your image posted in ‘no words… just pictures’ I tought that was the case, catastrophic failure due to extreme angled set up with those baseplates. Is good you pointed out the LaCroix fine behavioral aspects otherwise. Again, sorry if my coment stirred some confusion and produced such reaction, was not my intention. Pix out.


I guess I meant the expensive surf rods ones


No problamo at all.

Just wanted to make sure people didn’t get the wrong impression of any of these excellent components!


I think you mean “friend” I would never touch another mans deck no matter how enticing it was.

To answer your question is basically what @excess said. Surf Rodz are precision trucks where the calibers that people are using are cast. Caliber does make a set of precision trucks as well. One of the major points in the Surf Rodz favor is that they can come with a 200mm hanger and 80mm axels this allows you to fit pretty much anything on them that you want. Surf Rodz are actually some of the cheapest precision trucks around if you want to see expensive trucks look at the aera k5


Just higher quality. Plus they just sexy.
They have seasonal specials, currently its the rkp in 176mm($90 vs the normal $150) You can fit 6364 on these.
They also have a tkp truck. Its about $120. If you’re sticking to high 20s-low 30s they are great.
Especially if you like to carve.


This right here. I dont go fast, so tkp make a whole lot of sense. They just feel better to me. And replace the pivot cup and bushings with riptide. If you get SR dont cheap out on the bushings.


Im running venom bushings with riptide cups. Feels great.
I gotta get bushings for my other tkp trucks tho. The difference is real. Might go with riptide this time. The venoms i can skate a few blocks and buy tho.


Wow those are super expensive


I agree they’re sexy. Didn’t Want that to be the only reason I buy them though lol. But I’m understanding more. It’s a nicer ride on them.


It really is. Nothing wrong with caliber trucks tho. But you’ll feel a difference with surfrodz.
Highly recommend the tkp if you’re not pushing higher speeds. I have them on two boards. Rkp on one.
Its definitely a big price jump from caliber trucks but then again we are riding $1000+ skateboards so :man_shrugging:t2:


I would endorse Surf Rodz indeez now called TKP for a carving surfy setup, but I have tried the rkp and don’t like them, not a good value also, I would go PNL, Ronin, or Aera trucks if you want a premium truck.


No way your board is only $1000


But for real though, Surf Rodz trucks are so worth the quality improvement. On these expensive builds, they deserve high end trucks, and Surf Rodz are an excellent option for a great price compared to other precision trucks on the market.

And there are readily available quality mounts from a number of vendors.

Hell, even some gear drive options are being worked on.

Not that Surfrodz is the only great option and they might not fit your build goals.

However they really do hit a sweet spot between flexibility, affordability, and good aesthetics.

That is why I am a big fan.

However there are a lot of other systems I am very eager to try that utilize different trucks…

Just all in what you want and need.


All good trucks. Yet none of them is wide enough to fit serious motors.


Bkb pullys-$120
97mm abec 11s- $120


Oooo that little dinker.

Thought you meant the Hummie


Lol. Yeah no way.



That is what I mean by flexible. Just an axle change away from whatever you need.


Since we are discussing surf rodz rkp trucks, do you guys run them with the hanger flipped (negative rake) or not (positive rake)?
I get some truck walk around 45km/h under power which afterwards dies down. Riptide 95.5 WFB barrel bushings, positive rake.