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Why do so many people endorse surf rods rkp trucks?


I’ve been wanting to swap to feel the difference. My rkp board has been on the bench for a few weeks tho.


So what you are saying, is that you are also too lazy to experiment :joy:


I don’t have a front truck atm.


I prefer the RKPs, but thats just me


Excuses, excuses…


I wasn’t taking about rkp vs tkp. i love both, just for different builds.
Was talking about rkp hangers. They can be flipped for further rake adjustment.


Positive rake with the SurfRodz rkp hanger has the bushing seat behind the axles vs slightly in front of them, am I correct? That’s how I’m running mine.


I run with rake up front and none in the rear! Knife edge turns, but only if I want them. Stability at speed, though that’s probably more to do with the 7° dewedge. Are they on sale? I’m about to get a 35deg baseplate if so (gotta be pink tho)


This type of topic makes me miss silverfish and the wealth of skate knowledge there that just disappeared. :frowning:


It comes down to precision vs cast. Precision is just better, but it likely isn’t worth the increased cost unless you regularly go over 30 MPH.

Another perk of precision trucks is that the truck clamps always perfectly fit the hanger and you don’t need to worry about getting the clamp super tight and there is never any movement between the hanger and the motor mount clamp.

And, they are sexy AF… Gotta respect precision machined components.


" Why do so many people endorse surf rods rkp trucks?"

I was skeptical too, before this I had used the TB218 trucks which are pretty decent, similar to caliber. I had spent time tuning them to a point I was happy. But I would still get a little wiggle from the rear truck when hitting bumps at high speed.

Then I got some surfrodz RKP on summer sale for $120 delivered. Which is just really cheap for a precision truck. Look at the CNC machining and the included hardware and its hard to imagine how they make them so cheaply?

The improvement in high speed stability was huge over the tb218s, I really didn’t think it would be that much better but it is. I found the surfrodz too stable at first so had to tune them to be more nervous and carvy, but they still retain high speed stability in wild mode.

My surfrodz are now setup for carvey steering and sharp u-turns.

  • Front / Rear.
  • 55 / 50 deg.
  • double cone / double barrel.
  • positive rake / positive rake.

I need to make sharp turns on my commute or I would have a more subdued setup.


Mine was initially setup negative rake on both front and back. Was super stable. I wanted sharper turns and less wheel bite so I tried positive rake on the front. It gives a slightly higher ride height that helps with wheel bite. The feeling is more that it dives into a turn rather than building resistance as you lean. With front only it was a bit more carvey but felt quite stable still.

Then I put the rear on positive rake too, now its super carvey, dives into full turn easily, so its a bit nervous. But I never get any wobble in a strait line or over bumps. So still stable in a strait line but nervous in turns.

Im not really huge fan of the feeling, I would prefer a more relaxed feel but I need maximum steering lock for some tight hairpins on my commute. I think I am going to try steeper steering angles next and go back to rear negative rake.


It’s hard to beat this level of quality for $90:

Thanks @Skunk for getting me hooked.


Careful now…


If bloody surfrodz had ever got back to regarding shipping I would be rocking these bad boys right now but alas…Dave went dark on me too.

You US chaps are anti Australian.


I don’t like the bushing seat in the surf rod rkp. It stops the lean before I am done with it and doesn’t let the bushing do its complete work. Thinking about doing the milling mod to them.


Have you tried sr tkp trucks?
They my not be the best choice for really high speed but maneuverability in the 30s is great.


Have a pair heading my way.


We need more information.


Agreed @davidbonde