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Who makes the safest, most reliable electric skateboard battery packs?



Any electric skateboard battery pack builders guarantee genuine batteries, at least 1 year warranty, individual cell level fusing, pack fuse & PPTC thermal fuses on all signal wires? I don’t like :fire: In my house, thanks.


short answer, no.

you’d have to build it yourself to meet all those criteria.


That’s what offers. Unfortunately, they just build e-bike batteries. A shame I don’t know of a reputable seller for esk8.


we have plenty of reputable battery builders here


For things like batteries you should probably list where you are located due to shipping restrictions. From there we can start referring you to someone near you to build the custom pack you desire. I’m sure you can work out all the warranty details once you find someone that is willing to build you a pack but you should expect a lot of stipulations.


A buddy bought from them just recently. They use genuine 30q in their packs. They also do custom layouts as far as I know. A little on the high side for price but he felt it was worth it. @Dementia


I have seen @psychotiller and @longhairedboy battery builds online and have heard people talk highly about them. So I would say those are 2 guys to contact. I had my battery built by @scepterr who has been missed on this forum for some time now.


Bought from who, em3ev? I’m in NYC.


‎ Over seas


Well safest would be like an evolve battery using Lifepo batteries. With that said, nobody wants evolves original batteries so dunno if that would fit in the reliable category.


Putting a country on your profile should be a programmatic prerequisite before any comment or thread can be created. @onloop


Yes I agree “safest and most reliable” would only point to LiFePO4 packs. Those are heavy for their capacity but otherwise very, very good. Most folks don’t like the heavy part.


Bara, he still making batteries?


Hey guys. Em3ev battery took 18 days to ship which I thought was impressive. It was $580 shipped for one kilowatt hour worth of LG PF cells. If you price out 98 LG PF cells and then delve into turning them into a pack it’s really not that bad of a deal.
They sell packs with a fairly wide variety of cells so you can maximize for your application.
As far as custom packs, all I’ve read is people saying they’ll do it. I just ordered a prebuult so far.


Hey man, soon enough I will. Just taking a break for a while


First time I heard about them.
Watch this video.

Some very good practices and I also got some interesting ideas. The guy taking the video and commenting is very annoying but it is worth it.


Interesting technology of the PPTC thermal fuses for the Balancing leads. Why dont we use this tech? And if we did, what fuses would be advisable for cells like 30q?


We should do an em3ev group buy for the Sanyo 20700b. Probably be able to get the 20s2p pack for $248 shipped, w/ the right amount of orders, considering that’s the Verreal price.