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Where to buy a ubec for a esc?


Just wondering if anyone has any experience with esk8 and ubecs


Check Hobby king if you want it cheap.


@barajabali sells them:

They are oos now but he should be able to tell you when they will be back


I bought my ubec from @barajabali and have no complaints. It can handle up to a 12S battery and outputs 5V. I power my receiver and led’s off of this ubec.


So can I use a separate cheap ubec with a low voltage second battery to power my receiver?


As long as the reciever is getting 5V and 3A it will work. So in theory I cant see why that wouldn’t work but I have never heard of it before.


UBEC is basically a step-down voltage regulator. Which you can have for $2 on ebay.


And no receiver needs 3A -.-


Yes lol. My bad. That is what my ubec is rated for but diffinantly not needed