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What's the shipping cost for 1-2lbs package from US to Europe

Hello! I wanted to find out has anyone tried to ship something from US to EU?

The prices I get from USPS calculator suggest, that It should cost between 22$ to 32$.

Has anyone had any experience of what is the tipping point for the price to increase?

Package is not that big, it could something like 15in x 10in x 7in

(think of the Imax B6 charger for size comparison)

If you got any info / experience, that would be great! Not entirely sure to trust the calculator nor do I fully understand what else affects price besides weight and dimensions.

shit tends to be pricey…couple pounds usually run me 30-40

Can you tell how much exactly? is it 2-3 lbs or more?

If 40 is the ‘‘roof’’ for 3-4 lbs… then Im not that worried… I just dont want it to get past 30 backs, 15-22$ would be great. Since it seems that for some items domestic shipping in US is already 10-15usd… for smaller ones maybe 3-5usd.

Keep in mind, that if it’s a commercial purchase. (Not marked as a gift) everything that’s over 21 euro’s will be taxed by customs. And hey easily add 30+ euro’s for that amount.

You can look that up for your country specifically. These are numbers I got for Belgium, but I guess it will be around the same amount in other EU countries.


Yeah, I’m well aware of that. For non commercial (’‘gift’’) in my country the limit is 45 eur.
commercial ones are 22eur, so pretty similar.

Don´t have a cost sheet in front of me…general numbers over the last 5 years in Spain