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What kind of shops spot weld for cheap? Auto shops perhaps?


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@barajabali @link5505 can build a pack for you.


No auto shop would have the right equipment or know how


There’s a company near me that does furniture repair that welds. I just looked up welding on google maps.


spot welding batteries is a whole different ballgame than general welding


I actually already bought the batteries so I’m gonna have to do it myself


I tried that but nothing really showed up. Any other ideas?


there’s guys in this forum that you could send your batteries to and they will weld them for you


where do you live?


Austin, Texas, USA


oh well, I’m in socal


Wow, that would be awesome. Do you know who?


I think @barajabali does pack welding


It takes a special type of spot welder to do it.


@link5505 is in Texas as well if memory serves right.


@Jinra is correct. @barajabali has a bit more experience but @link5505 makes good packs as well.


Thanks all for the referral.


@link5505 has a shop page for his batteries. http://nosam.bigcartel.com/product/lithium-ion-batteries

I’m in Houston and have access to a spot welder, but I’m not experienced enough with it yet.