What is the real time to deliver

Yes you sitting in the middle of it. We have different categories in this forum, just start to explore it and you will find all that out.


I totally agree :+1: exactly what I did.

If I had started with my dual 6374 build I guess I would have crashed hard. Today, still not a single crash nothing.


Funny thing is i started by ordering a prebuilt board, it took way too long so i ended up building 2 DIYs before i got my prebuilt board haha.

I used the Prebuilt board for a few months thinking it was going to be awesome but my DIYs made the prebuilt feel slow so i sold it.

@Battosaii wasn’t it a raptor? :sweat_smile:

I am still waiting for my 2.1 (ordered when they said 3 months delivery time but a year passed by… still no raptor).

And… I really don’t know what to do with it - it’s useless to me by now. :joy:


Have you considered a metroboard? That new one looks pretty good. Might even be in stock

Surprised @b264 didn’t mention them

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Yea it was lol

Well dont get me wrong its a great little board that does alot of things right but only a DIY will give you everything you want because you made it.


You should NOT buy a DIY board or from a DIY builder because you’re too complicated as an individual and I imagine absolutely impossible to please. If you buy from one of our members here they will have to deal with years of your quirks and it will be a disaster.

You seem very keen on Evolve, the GTR is available now on sale, it is delivered immediately. Buy that and head over to reddit for your future advice.

Thanks for coming


Buy a metroboard (a single drive, 40 mile) and some custom like a @longhairedboy or @psychotiller custom – and ride those while you build one.

Then you’ll have

  1. the best prebuilt
  2. a custom, essentially DIY build
  3. your own DIY timeline is more relaxed

Buy a Trampa. They usually ship in a week.

They don’t supply batteries so either you get lipos or someone to build you a liion pack.


I wish I could like that more than once. We should have a like bomb button.

Joking aside @Pura-Vida that is actually great advice because that gtr is perfect for you. You will love it.


Is it uk spirit demonstration? In 50+ years I’ve to face to armchair psychology, and I am glad to notice that you join the guru level in one shot. amazing…

If you don’t like my delivery of raw facts that’s ok friend.

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Fred really, the GTR is like made for you!

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Whatever you go for, get yourself good safety equipment, CE rated at least level 1.

And go for GTR

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Yes, Safety is my first budget line since the first step. I will also join my insurance to upgrade it, as from my understanding, less and less insurance are covering e-activities except e-mail without an extension.

Trampa for your needs… Hope you keep rolling until 120 sir…I hope at least that for myself

At least Trampa delivers quick, even out of uk.

Thanks @b264, I was thinking something similar: start with an open prebuild and then do some light customization while I use it and start in parallel to build something from scratch using high-level modules at the begining and going to lower layers step by step. I’ve understood that if I am starting now from blank sheet w/o any board glued to my foot to practice and get skills I would never finalize my project or I will spend a lot of time money to get a shit board. as a full prebuild seems to cost as expensive as a DIY but with components that does not fit to the current state of work, I am trying to identify a good compromise. Thanks for your assistance, it is always positive to read such advertisement, guidelines and return of experiences rather than pseudo raw facts from never met before guys.

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The Metroboard-X is a closer fit, but not available quite yet.

Hi @b264, @McErono, and let me complete this shortlist with @klaus79856, he also spent time off forum discussion to share by email and phone his experience and point of view, this is exactly that I am expecting from a community.

Thanks a lot for your assistance,

I gonna follow your guidline and choose a prebuild from a major actor with reactive delivery in Europe. even if Lacroix’s and DIY gurus approaches are very sexy, as most of them are overseas localized, for the first experience it would be a nightmare.

I will continue to deep dive into forum for one month, and take my final decision first week of July (I need also to get my money back from Low businesses vendor before to engage money).

Bioboards (Thorium X AT) are top shortlisted, MotherboardX in 2nd position, Evolve far away in 3rd as many interrogation and no yet feedback about their battery, controllers, and …

please continue to share information, guideline with me, as a novice, I need your experience to secure my esk8 rider experience.


Fred alias Pura Vida