What is the real time to deliver


Trampa has been mentioned a few times. Just to be more specific here is a link to one that might tickle your interest:


Trampa orrsom with stickies… god I would love it. had it in my cart a few times already. need to talk to pjotr about a 18650 battery for that thing… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Pura-Vida Metroboard is US based. thats why I recommend Evolve to you - its a wellknown brand, has a repaircenter in Switzerland (in Luzern) and they just swap the motorcontroller box or battery out in case and you are good to go again.


If you want a smaller player you can check out “electric board solutions”, he sells a Mr Torque (its also on the forum, but I cant recall the name he uses here) edit @e.board_solutions


For sure,

Even if I am in Switzerland it is also for my job, so I do not mention them as I did not yet have a look on their catalog, and this is for this reason that I’ve said that my final decision will be in July.

To be transparent with you, Strampa was introduced to me during phone call with @klaus79856 this morning. we were exchanging on the wheel settings to fit my use case.

But as I did not have more than 30 seconds to visit their website and read feedbacks or experiences about them, I prefer to say nothing rather than non objective analyze even if a guru here call that raw facts.


This whole thread is just making my week. What on earth is going on here boys?

I’m in heaven :call_me_hand::rofl::rofl:


Really, nice to see that heaven exists, is it a raw fact?

on my side I prefer hell, clavecin is good for 5 minutes but eternity requires rock’n pop music. When Mike Jagger was saying, “I am a man of wealth and taste…” he was not speaking about heaven :fire:


Fred I feel like you think I resent you for some reason but that’s not the case at all. As mentioned before by me and pretty much everyone above me in this thread and other threads you’ve taken part in you should buy a board from a large vendor with readily available service centres.

Let me elaborate. My board is build from the best current standard diy parts available. It’s a poster of cumulative knowlege of people much smarter than me who blazed the trail. It’s still fucking broken 50% of the time :joy:

Most people riding diy baords have a small fleet if they plan to commute or ride regularly, these things are bombing down the road vibrating like jackhammers with overweight old men who can’t afford a Ferrari but need that sweet midlife crisis on top of them. They break.

If you buy from evolve your turnaround for repairs when your board breaks down (and it will) will be very short. It’s clear that this is a big concern for you. Please take the advice.

Secondly I appreciate that you are likely a non native english speaker, believe it or not neither am I. But you speak almost exclusively in marketing buzz words and its pretty damn hilarious.

Calm down my friend. You’re planning 20 steps ahead and you simply don’t need to. Buy the evolve, ride it hard, have some fun and when you’re ready for more worry about that when the time comes!

Keep the evolve though always, try keep one board working.

Come to the paris meet up in July and try a bunch of boards perhaps? You’re welcome to have a scoot on any of mine and I’ll buy you a beer… as long as you dont try sell me an advertising campaign.


Best plan ever.




I’d love to punch your face off Alan.


I don’t know much about Bioboards (@mackann) but they are relatively new on the scene. I suggested Metroboard (@isabar) because not only is it one of the highest quality prebuilts, but it’s nearly guaranteed to deliver in a few weeks in perfectly working condition. In DIY/custom esk8, that’s NEVER a guaranteed. Any board that’s custom is likely going to take a while, and I’m not sure if those are custom or prebuilt boards.


He will not ride for weeks if his metroboard has an issue. Look at him… I really think he is better suited with an Evolve board and a Servicecenter in Switzerland… not saying evolve is better than metroboard ever but…


Actually Brian you may be on to something. I for one would love to read a back and forth between Ilan and op.


The thing to do here is execute on delivery, followed swiftly by delivery on execution, then BrentyBaby will be happy


Hes still genning up on project management terminology.

Classic Brent.


Bioboards if you are a 51 yo nutter in good shape with a taste for extreme and can live with something including you blowing up occasionally with nobody to blame and replace for free

Evolve if you are a consummate PM who expects eSkate support like a corporate entity & demands conference calls

Then slyly build your own Esk8, when a component fails it’s part of the experience




@dareno is sitting on the pc right now, ordering a biobard 4x4 hexacopter…


Listen I’m sorry about your phase wires ok! Don’t need a bioboard. I did it already. Don’t need 4wd.
Loose rear end is all I need. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This… you should have thought about before… :relieved: now it´s too late…