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What does "in transit" mean on Hobby King?


What does it really mean if it says “in transit”


That it has been posted and is now in transit.


Lol ok so does that mean they will have some soon? …well I guess … Better than seeing out of stock


Just means hobby king got a notification from the factory that some have been sent


You need to ask them. It could be that the product your purchasing is currently out of stock and it would take sometime to get them shipped. Happens to me alot.


What is that for @Michaelinvegas?!


Whatcha Talkin’ abt Willis?


Haha! What motor is in transit?! Wondering if I should be stalking HobbyKing…


That’s what I’m trying to find out…

I can never figure that site out … So yes…

I get different answers looking via my phone…east cost, west cost … Global…the new Arkansas warehouse … All that jazz

So take a look and let me know what u think


My phone is saying something different as well. Interesting…



I ain’t nutz :chestnut::chestnut::chestnut::chestnut::chestnut:


In transit is what hobbyking puts when they have ordered something from a supplier and are waiting for stock to arive at the warehouse. Basically, they are selling what is headed to the warehouse.

As for which motor it is, Obviously the origingal poster is trying to hide which model motor it is so that no one scoops it out from him XD

Its this motor here


Lol that would be me lol


Everybody got the finger on the trigger lol


Phew! Good thing I am scraping for a different motor.


What happened to ur motor


I need a second one for the Winged Bomber. Agent Orange is still pulling strong!


lol…did you install the tomahawk missiles yet?

What you thinking of motor and voltage?


@Michaelinvegas, Um yes… What do you think the third channel on my Mad Munkey is for?

12s and not sure…


GOD DAMMIT! i was TOTALLY going to offer a missile defense package as an upgrade for my boards and you beat me to it! Back to the drawing board…

maybe something with lasers… and swords… laser swords maybe? @onloop had a great idea for laser swords on one of my instagram posts after telling me my deck looks like a waepon. Which it does. And is.