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@BigBoyToys, managed to use ver 3.26 for my focbox. Thanks

Something must have happened to 3.27 and onward,

@trampa how do I activate, handbrake function? fmw3xx has much better braking power, but also wants to try and decide.


So I should choose 60 and will be just fine? We are talking on a Maytech VESC btw.


60 is vor VESC SIX HW only! You have to choose the first option, I did it with HW 4.12, easy!



So I uploaded a bootloader (I hope so). To make sure, I want to update the firmware.
My Maytech VESC hardware is 4.12, so in VESC Tool I should choose 410 & 411 & 412, correct?


Yes … 10 char


Correct! Don’t FOC it it up, stay with BLDC if you can. The maytechs are reported to have FOC issues.



Will never try… :joy:
I’ll sell it one day and get a better quality VESC with FOC compatibility.


So if I was able to update the firmware, I assume this VESC has a bootloader now. :innocent:


Yes it has a bootloader now. You can still try FOC with low KV motors and pushing not more than 40A on the motor side.



My motors are 210 KV so I guess I shouldn’t test it.

By the way, is it possible to downgrade the firmware back to 2.18?


Yes, you can upload the 2.18 FW through the custom FW tab.



How is sensorless foc?
Currently using BLDC, but I have the typical cogging if I don’t move the board forward slightly upon startup.


Its pretty good, i’m on sensorless FOC. Almost zero cogging.


Just a heads up, doing it the way you showed in your screenshot did NOT upload a bootloader to my Maytech vesc. I had to click on the Bootloader tab and do it that way. I would test to make sure.


Sorry, didn’t quite get it.
What did you encounter when you tried to upload the bootloader via the tool?


Heads Up regarding R = 0 bug on focbox : http://vesc-project.com/comment/863#comment-863


Benjamin thinks its sorted. There are also some other tweaks he has done.
The input wizard should be much better now.

The next thing to be implemented is a big thing for all of us!
A new control mode that will change the way we control our power quite drastic. Surprise surprise…



sounds like he’s just turning on watt control again after turning it off from 3.29?


Watt control was never implemented and will never be. Benjamin’s opinion about that is quite clear.
We are talking something completely different.



Any sort of timeline on the “surprise”?? I’m getting excited!


@Ackmaniac ^