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Vesc app breasts


Time to thank @jacobbloy for his time and effort developing the VESC APP

He has shelled out a good few thousand, so far, and cost of an Apple developer account is further outlay – so give him a bit of support, buy the guy a beer.

What’s $10, a couple of pints?

It’s easy, go to his site, a pop up appears, click donate, done. LINK TO SITE

Add your name to this list when done:-



I am not sure I fully understand the title of this topic.

But yeah, the message is clear.

If you think you will use this app. Donate.


people look at breasts


got me to open the post.



Crap…Me too… I saw VESC and Breast and I just needed to know more…LOL


Am I the only one who read BEASTS?


nope thats all i pretty much looked at