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Up to 99wh battery label/sticker?


Hi. I want to build a 10s1p battery to be under 99wh - air travel safe.
And i want to ask from where i can buy labels for it?
Or how they control my battery?..



This might help


You can’t. For it to be legal you would have to have the battery certified and that costs 10s of thousands of dollars.



@Grozniy thanks for mentioning me but I’m not doing this kind of stuff. :frowning:


Someone onto the sticker trick, huh?

Just put some legit companies logo on both your board and battery, and make a sticker that looks legit that says 99Wh, and… your set lol.

But I didn’t tell you that :wink:


That is the worst idea I’ve heard all week.


Except this is how some have done it (not me, I’d ship personally)…


if you want a real battery with genuine labels, youre going to have to pay a premium

otherwise the labels you print arent backed by certifications… and then theyre pretty much useless (and illegal as mmaner stated) :o


If we keep trying to come up ways to get around the rules, they’re just going to make more rules.

That being said the majority of us are going over speeds that are considered legal as well…
So idk what’s right and wrong in this case


I can’t agree with you more. Personally, I think it sucks but the best way is to just ship it for now. I hope the laws change in the future in this regard, and the same with speed laws.



Honestly, you dont need a sticker… a piece of masking tape with the info in sharpie worked just fine. I recently bought a travel safe battery to have from now on because it really isnt worth it. I don’t want to continue to gamble and be that one guy that not only fucks everyone on the plane, but also anyone who ever would want to travel with a battery again. Just do it at your own risk, i have no room to judge.