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Trampa mountain board. Buy or build?


It was shipped 3 days after ordering and it took exactly 1 week to arrive after despatch.


Anyone have any idea what motor guards those are?


The true purpose is motor axle support.
Contact nowind if you want more info, though I can tell you now this is going to be custom CNC if you do not have the exact same gear drive and motor.


Yeah no, i was thinking for use with the Etoxx geardrive, but just was inquiring as i had never seen them before and they seem really practical for use with the GD
@Nowind, and info on them,?


Any info on what ?
Dont see the question (-;


The motor protectors you installed in this video to the gear drive.

Idk which infos but it was about it :sweat_smile:


Hehe ah thank you

This Guards are mainly the AS5047 Encoder Mounting Part.

I made some for @Cobber some time ago, not sure if he starts his build already ?!