The Ultimate conversion / Road monster Motobécane M11


Some parts already arrived !

Like all my esk8 this build will be all black, I love the stealth of everything black with some chrome here and there


All the parts! I too am building my ebike from scratch!


@Nate I don’t have the time to do it today. But I’ll take 10 mins tomorrow to write this down. All the parts I have choosed.
But can you tell me what you plan to do ? I can definitely help regarding what parts you should use for your specific config.
Share a few pics if you don’t mind !

It’s like Christmas everyday, got the new mirrors today !


Recieved the new headlight ! It looks so sleek and it’s very powerful , I tested it last night my garden was like daytime !

I have messed around as well with my other electric moped , the first prototype , trained myself on the set up for the blinkers so I do everything quickly and as sleek as possible on the next one

I have added a rear rack with removable battery so it’s easier to carry the battery the current design was a wooden box LOL

Next week end I will start the welding work :
I will weld the two 22 mm steel tubes , during the week I’ll do a precise laser cut of the side panels , then weld them on the frame !
Once all the welding is done and the metal finitions made I will take all the parts to a blast sanding place and have everything epoxy painted by professional I wan’t perfect paint.

When it comes back I have to do the fiber glass work to fill all the gaps and apply the veneer on the panels

Then it will be the funniest part, install all the electronics !
Hope to have finished the project by early November !


Wow what a coincidence. I’ve just think about converting my M11 on electric today and I’ve directly find your page. Have you had good results?


No results yet because I started recently, but the results should be there !
I’ll update the thread with further advancement


Project is going strong !
Done all the welding today, next I have to cut all the steel panel, will be a lot of work !

I am so impatient to finish this !



Almost finished all the metal work !
It was a long work and I had to basically learn everything while doing it.
To say the least I am very satisfied with the outcome.

The floor , the roof and both side panels !

I am happy because the outcome is exactly what I wanted, I still have a lot of finishing work to do but it won’t be difficult.
I have now recieved all the parts I need except a few little cosmetic things

The reservoir will be the house of my 80A sabvoton controller.

And here is the drivetrain , 3000w 12kv motor ( according to my maths so it’s worth what it’s worth )
I should have according to my calculations the motor has a KV of 12 with a max RPM at 72 V of 864.
for 50 V I calculated an RPM of 605

I don’t know if I can base myself on this. Any help to have the realistic speed I’ll get in the end , depending on the voltage. So I finally know if I will go 20S or 14S !


I am.not good at all for welding… But I managed to do it anyway ! :slight_smile: It’s not very clean I I don’t know how to hide the welds maybe some mastic

Shock absorber in !