The Stage | Hummie Deck | Gummies | 6.5" Trampa Treads | Geared and DD | Dual VESC 6 | Dual 6355 | 10S5P | 3D Print


Great, will see if I can find any quality one, for the VESC’s I will need something thinner, a few years ago I had an industrial thin double sided tape that could work


VESC’s are in place, used neutral cure silicone, also did a little surgery to change the wires to 14 AWG

Motors also have new bearings, just waiting for the retention fluid to dry


i cant wait to ride this thing…LOL


Me too, hopefully a group ride before Christmas


yesss pleaseee


Laying out how it’s going to look, still have to fit a double row connector for the case and two led drivers



Death to all connectors


Well not all right?

I’d still want one for the battery and charger…
and the motors, bluetooth, receiver, antispark…:confused::poop:


Gotta say, this thread was a treat to read. Thanks for the awesome photos/methodology. I need to get out of software land I miss building shit!


@sayekim Some places yeah, but motors I will weld directly, no space even for bullets, battery is also welded, what I do is on the other side of the battery I have a 3.5mm bullet that allows me to split it and essentially break the circuit

Besides that, the LED’s and charge port have connectors to make assembly easier, the signal wires to the VESC have connectors since it’s hard to weld directly to the PCB on VESC 6

@Deodand thanks man, looking forward what you will come up with with an unlimited supply of Unities and R-Spec hubs, do I hear 8 wheel drive?

It’s alive, sensors working flawlessly, never had tried sensored before, really cool having the motor start up with you holding it down, and temperature sensors is a plus, will be able to test how much current this little motors can really take

The only pain is welding these sensor cables, after half an hour of trying to fit a JST-XH contact inside an JST-PH housing I realized what I was doing, but that was after I thought I had forget to order the 6 pin JST-PH, until I found the secret stash


That was quickly, wasn’t expecting the stand offs to show before 2019


Small window in the carbon fiber right above the NRF module and gripped


One drive wheel done


Just a preview with Kegels, really like the flex, enough without being uncontrollable


Motor sensors completely covered in epoxy for waterproof ness

And she stands, all bearings with retaining compound for a rattle free ride

Also I’m having second thoughts about the gear drive due to limiting wheel selection, it would look really cool with some Caguamas


Everything powers on, no magic smoke, enclosure connectors wired up


Not much to say, fixed the second sensor PCB and will test tomorrow, one motor is fully sleeved and mounted and connected, for now a have a single drive

These final steps is where all problems begin to show, the pulley covers are too slim and don’t fit, the motor wires clamp is also too small, but no problem if I can’t get in looking the best and water proof, I travel on the 20, so it has to be ready and tested on the 19 because I want to ride a lot on my trip


Battery glue to the deck, second motor assembled and mounted on the truck, just waiting for the retainer to dry, hopefully I will be able to take it for a spin tomorrow


Done-ish, this board is amazing, no words for it, the Gummies absorve a lot of vibration and this make the board really quiet as less vibrations goes into the deck and enclosure, the deck also helps a lot

Again, the wheels eat up everything, big crack and rought cement sidewalks that would make the Kegels stop behave like they aren’t there, ridding on grass is not issue and taking it on packed dirt trail will be no problem

Did only a quick ride as my battery was low, I need to get used to it as this is the flexiest board I’ve ridden so far, but the foot placement on the Hummie Deck is really great, it begs for a 10S5P to enable 60+ km rides

Things that need to be done:

-print two phase wires holders

-wire the battery level leds as they are the only indication that the board is on, already forgot it turned on

-install the pulley covers

-install the motor end covers