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2019 is upon us and time to start planning racing events. Just stopped by Pat’s Acres .7 mile kart event facility in Canby Oregon. They host everything from drift cars, motor cross and rock concert events. On facility camping with owners Willing to work with our group if we can make it pencil. Here’s a quick spin of the track


My neck of the woods!
I used to do drift events there. Fun little track. Cool owners.


We did Hairfest at Pat’s Acres last Summer. 80s HairMetal tribute bands over 2days. Holy shit fun…


Can we combine hair metal bands and esk8 racing? :laughing: That would be awesome!


Yeah. That sounds a lot more interesting. Since we are all traveling quite far. Better get the most out of it.

That would be something.


Got “ol Grumpy” on updated axles and adjusters. Rode the Wedge foot stop today for the first time. It’s a nice control asset for hard accel both inline and center off turn. Will take some time to get used to it fully but found immediate change in board control under hard accel.


Proposing a race format for #2 uphill.
I believe this format will make for great racing. Keeping the rule book thin and allowing all performance levels to compete for a podium is essential to the success of the sport.
3 rounds of 6:
Every rider has a #

Heat1) pill draw for heat 1 lines up the qualifying race. 6 person’s per heat, heats numbered 1,2,3 ect. Radio at the top of the hill is the time keeper and starts the race. As competitors finish their time is logged with their race #.

Heat2) 6 person heats starting position and sorted by qualifying time.
Quick time Heat 1 P1.
2nd quick Heat 2 P1.
3rd quick Heat 3 P1.
4th quick Heat 1 P2.
5th quick Heat 2 P2.
6th quick Heat 3 P2. Ect.

Main events 6 riders.
(A main) top 6 finishers from heats. Ties are sorted by qualifying times. Start positions sorted by qualifying times.

(B Main) 7-12 finishers from heats. Ties are sorted by qualifying times. Start positions sorted by qualifying times.

(C Main) 13-18

All mains have a Podium.


Only issue I see is doing heats on an uphill. When I race I like to have a full battery, especially going up a hill. You’d have to wait a bit inbetween races for people to do a quick charge session, no use having races at 60% battery IMO. Basically to do the heats you’d have to plan a bunch of extra time in the day just so people could race in their prime.


The second heat don’t have a specific purpurs other than making an extra run right? It could be skipped If battery is an issue.
It could be 1. Qualifying heats 2. Main events divided by time from the qualifying heats.

This is a nice attempt to try to differentiate without making it to complicated. It’s still not perfect, but it’s a hard but to crack.


Can’t speak for others. My run up 1.8 mile Barrett used 118 wattHr. Maby a Quick pack lipo swap for those who don’t want to charge between rounds. Or fast charge options. I don’t see charging as being an issue. It’s a day’s event with Downhill racing taking place between heats. Most everyone had several practice runs before the race. Haven’t heard any charge issues at the hill.


Second heat is purposeful and needed. If you start last in heat 2 from a bad qualifying time and win your heat, your in the A main with the fast guys but you would start P6 in the A main from your poor qualifying time. It sorts out high performance and low performance over two heats to make the Mains A,B and C fair and performance based.


mmm… does this mean that you qualify to the main event from your placement in second heat - not the time? If so this means that there can not be more than two from each group in the A main? But you could potentially have the six fastest times in one group.

If we want to divide people as good as we can in performance classes I like that to be done by time alone and not placement. If we want to have a better base to sort from, do more qualifying heats.

In track and field they sort by placement first and then time but they don’t have to differentiate by performance classes. If performance classes were not a consideration I would do it by placement.

In your example with one having a bad qualifying time and then winning heat 2 you will potential have one of the other fast guys in the main B instead of main A where that board belong.

Anyway… your outline will work fine… these are just my two cents.


Put backpacks with 50kg in them at the top of the hill. Ride down slowly carrying the extra weight and regeneratively recharge your batteries by the time you get to the bottom.


Mains are lined up by heat 2 race finish position. Heat one times sort ties.

Here is an outline how a typical event would run.
Racers are issued numbers and times recorded from heat 1a 1b.

Heat 2 is lined up by qualifying times.

Main events Sorted by heat 2a and 2b finishing positions. Qualifying time is used to break ties between heats. ( A Main Pole awarded to P1 finishes from Heat 2a 2b with the quicker qualifying time. Same for P2s P3s and so on)


If you are running in FOC then try a switching frequency of 30 kHz. Could be that it solves your issue.




Holy shit, is this you??


lol no way, fastest for me is like 35 knots :wink: that’s Thierry Collado

that’s 62 MPH, just wanted to provide an example as a few of y’all have actually achieved this speed under power. Quite incredible.


thats why I asked! lol