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Just got back from MaryHill rats DH in WA State. Been talking with people on UpHill Esk8 racing at these events. How do we take a diverse group of builds and riders, and give them an equal shot at podium with boards making different speeds on the hill. Here is what we came up with.

  1. Every entry runs a lone qualifying heat to establish a qualifying time on the hill.
  2. Main event start is staggered by slowest time leaving first. Next riders in line would then start from their qualifying time differences from the first riders start time. Quickest time up the hill would be last out of the gate corresponding to their qualifying time split from the slowest time that left first.
  3. any rider that podiums and goes quicker than their qualifying time by more than 5 seconds is disqualified from the competition. (Aka eliminating sandbagging)

We have the Backside Brawl in May in SoCal to test this format. I would like to cordially invite all boards with all skill levels of riders to attend. Everyone who enters has a shot at podium. No guts no glory. :checkered_flag::metal::metal::checkered_flag:


So everyone ends up at the finish line at the same time? Awesome! That’s going to be a hell of a race. I can’t wait!

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Video at Maryhill Uphill from @JAYSTCB

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@MoeStooge what do you think about a doing a limited class race in the future. I know you like the high amps of the mamba but I think we could really have some fun by doing a distance race with limitations. If we keep the top speed under 50 mph more people will be willing to pilot. If we bring range into play it will help keep us from reenacting the early days of “air race” too.

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I’m down for anything racing. Mamba can be dialed for any Max watt/speed output.

Derby days. Fun time. 4.6mile sprint on a .8 mile course will have multiple classes.

a mph Jig could be used for post race “tech inspection” when we break into Max mph groups.

Distance racing poses a new group of tests. Would also be fun.

I was initially encouraged by the turnout for Barrett. Was disappointed with Bakersfield turnout but had a great time there as well.

Did Mary-Hill last week to show Dean what we were capable of. Maryhill UP-Hill is a go in August. My fear is board count. A 35mph uphill board is very obtainable. Should we dial all boards back to this speed? I’m game if it keeps people coming back to the hill. Speed will come eventually. Board count, having a competition and fun need to be prominent.

Uphill racing May 18-19 SoCal.


That’s pretty interesting. Sort of like bracket racing with cars but better since all classes are involved.

You could also do an IROC Champions-type race with mid-spec boards. Everyone brings a board that meets specs agreed on beforehand and you number and blind pick. So maybe you get to ride your own and maybe you don’t.Then it’s just rider vs rider for the most part.

Great to see people who might not think they have a chance to get to try racing. Just kind of hope it’s in addition to and not a replacement for the purity of fastest to the top.

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Pics from spring Maryhill freeride. Hanging downhill with the locals on an esk8. Pics by Jillian Price

@JAYSTCB (SRBV3) Ryan Farmer (SRB 44)

Farmer luging the SRB44 @JAYSTCB chasing a gravity car and luge on the SRBV3 This is my favorite place I have skated to date.


All of these places you and the community show look so incredible for skating… I’m stuck with grouchy people and ‘bike Lanes’/ road shoulders smaller than caliber 2s are wide…

Can’t wait to attend an event like this :sob::sob: