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The Nimbus, Lanyachtz Evo build Dual 6374 12s


The Raptor 1 has 180mm caliber 2 reps and they felt a bit squirly above 30 but that was due to me using original bushings and just tightening the trucks up. With a proper bushing set up and skill caliber 2 are good at higher speeds.


Wait where are you from/at?


I grew up in NJ but I’ve been living in Miami FL my adult life.


Well no wounder why you ran 48mph you guys are naturally insane speedsters :joy:


Lmao we can be crazy with speeds here.


Maybe one day, I’ll be in Florida and join a group ride with you guys and hack all your bt modulus and make the top speed like 25mph then I could enjoy a calm group ride :joy:

Well thanks for the help man!
I had a single drive that skipped (Bad alighnment etc) and was thinking about chain drive,
Now I can calmly go dual motor belt drive.


I want to test 16t/42t on 6 shooters should reach a little over 50mph on the awd set up


At that speed I would be worried that your tyres could burst from high pressure etc.


Dave assured me they can handle much more speed trust me I was worried too lol


Miami is the greatest place, tons of fun to ride, everyone is so cool about esk8 down there. And @Battosaii will show you a great time, stand up guy and very knowledgeable…and skates like a banshee :slight_smile:.


Well, I’ll have to keep an eye out for cheap flights, Make my brother a good esk8, Get a drivers licence because distances in the states are so big that you’d need 2 drivers.

Edit: Dang flights to NYC only cost 120e (at cheap times)


It’s not too bad. Ill have my current board to ride and lend out once I finish this board.

It’s a arbor deck with evolve trucks, a 12s4p and dual 6355 it’s pretty quick.


What size tires are these? 6inch or 5 inch (rare to find)


6 shooters like the same suggest use 6" nylon belted tires. They last quite a while and can handle high speeds.