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Any update? Did they start make the deck?


is this JET?


Kind of, Jet is a brand by ABEC that is made by a skate company that they just acquired…

Working on an update


It all makes sense now.


i was about to say the same thing,


what is the problem with ABEC ?


It’s less so a problem and more so they usually go periods without having products in stock.


ok, but this is a new product :slight_smile:


abec: and?

:laughing: glad this is going again


Is this going to happen and is there chance of grabbing one?


Are you drunk or something??


It’s too early on the morning :rofl:



that´s all because there are two threads with similar name :sweat_smile:


Yeah just changed the title


but this question is still not answered… :joy:
we still don´t have any feedback if they even started to produce the decks.


Oh yeah I guess he isnt that drunk


From the last news, the production doesn’t started yet…


@JLabs Sorry they kinda screwed you over on the decks. I have a few decks that could be alternative to it and might be something your interested they are between 28-30 inches long and have a wheel base of 14 inches. I could even do a custom design on top for you or specific paint combo. Let me know.

I just check muirskate and they don’t have JET decks or Liquid trucks which are all under the sk8trip company I have known they were under the same company for years same thing with biltin bearings, pink wheels, retro wheels sublime wheels.


I am emailing every other day, and calling the days I don’t email. They will get here, eventually. I’m for sure gonna make my own damn deck next time.

They are literally going to loose thousands of dollars in future sales. Not my problem I guess