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@jlabs what is the amount of decks that need to be shipped?


8-10 and some with enclosures


Ok. Shouldnt be much of a problem

@bigben have any shipping advice?

And also I probably won’t be buying the deck… :slight_smile: Cant afford it lol

Also, dont know if this is possible, but maybe include like 8-10 boxes (flat pack) in the package? Saves me buying them/finding a place to buy

Oh and have you thought about taxes?


Interparcel have been the best and using parcelforce worldwide has been the one to go for.
Parcel2go have been shocking and DPD have just turned up with some pretty bad service.
I got custom boxes made last time at about £3 ish a pop because I got bored of making boxes.
Some of the import charges have arrived up to 2 weeks after the stuff has been recieved so be wary of thinking you’ve got away with it!


Yeah FedEx are usually like that. I’m assuming FedEx because dhl usually make you pay before they release anything from customs


I have gotten good feedback from the customers who have got their kits up and running!

If anyone is interested in a full esk8 kit with absolutely everything you need to build please message me! I ran out of a few parts so I can start shipping mid to end of next month.


I’m still on the market for a 12s3p battery pack if you find a way to ship in France.


I will look into it, ping me tomorrow as I’m super swamped atm


Hello, little reminder about my 12s3p battery pack shipped in France : )



Just wanted to check in on when these decks start shipping? My pre-order was from 9/15.


Jared said that the company that does the decks doesn’t answer his emails, only thing he knows is that it’s delayed.


it sucks :frowning:


Ok, not really smart to start a group buy before know when the production will start…
Seems to be again longs months of waiting…


Production started before I even took payments from the group buy. I just dont have a set delivery date yet.

My apologies, I am doing as much as I possibly can to get them here


Take your time mate. Quality takes time :wink:


Hello, any news ?


EU/UK Group Buy Deck - BKB Tayto and // optional enclosure single stack and double stack
EU/UK Group Buy Deck - BKB Tayto and // optional enclosure single stack and double stack

Thank you for the update Jared. That’s a shit business right there.

I appreciate people get sick but having zero contingency while your paid customers wait is ludicrous. Half of these skate brands live in a fantasy world.

Apologies if I come off as a dick here anyone who reads this but it works my nerves that people like @JLabs have to be customer facing when the supply chain is so unprofessional.


Yeah, it’s always something with this company. I may just go make my own deck with a different company…

The JET SPUD 29" is back again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

with @longhairedboy