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The funny kickstick


looks fun!



I wanted the gas version so bad ten years ago.


already forgot about this one! thanks for reminding me :smiley:


I was waiting for him to hit a puck with it


was thinking the same, really opens a whole lot of new disciplines


Id go against that dude any day of the week


That is a good idea. Looks a bit ugly though. I wouldn’t want to carry that around with me as well as a skateboard.


Look like a she male witch. smh


lol funny thing is I’ve been toying with an idea like that


Ok @paragon you can stop now lol


We should really give these things a Dweeb rating :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

I mean how much of a Dweeb would you look like using or carrying this thing?


Looks like a cheap mop without the sponge


I’m not a skier and sometimes I get upset seeing these, well how ever you like to call those people on skies, traversing easily and effortless into amazing powder fields within minutes while I have to walk for ages to get to the next untracked shoot. Would be amazing to have something like this to keep my snowboard moving in the traverse without loosing height. Same time, what ever this additional gadget could be, it shouldn’t be bigger and weight more than a chocolate bar.

I know only a snowboarder knows the feeling, it’s worth all the effort, but still sometimes I wish…


That’s what I was gonna say looks like magic


Will be much more practical when they figure out how to make it brake also, ideally using that same wheel. Very well and good getting up to 30+MPH hassle-free but when someone does something silly on the road up-ahead you/we need to be able to react safely… just my 2 cents. Dope freaking concept tho!!!


@Alexander I was thinking the same thing… it’s a cool idea but how the hell do you stop once you get to a higher speed? I would think that folks that are into longboard dancing could make artful use of the motorized stick.


Yeah it would be cool to see longboard dancers use the stick.
Also I think that DH-longboarders who want to go downhill with normal board and use the stick just to go uphill and then stuck it to the backpack.


powersliding. If you can’t powerslide at 30 mph, you shouldn’t be riding at 30 mph. The fastest powerslide I ever did was at somewhere’s over 25 mph (I saw the speedometer of a car I was passing on a hill bomb down jones st here in sf, which btw, is one of the best hill bombs in sf), and it eats your wheels like a cheese grater. But that’s what I miss on long boards, the ability to powerslide like I can on my normal board.


I don’t think it’s goofy. I think it’s really cool and pretty stable for fast rising since you have a third point of contact. I don’t see why brakes won’t work on them just need a slight modification.
Downsides- needs two hands to operate.


i think this may find a home with pro-skaters. Think short run up for big gaps/stairs/rails etc.

pretty cool. not practical for most. but cool no less