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Well, the gears are holding up okay, but I do not think it’s the best idea to run these without some sort of enclosure. Rocks and pebbles are really beating them up. Structurally they are 95% fine, and they still don’t skip a beat, but they sound funny after a while of riding off-road. If these things are going to last a while I need to finish up a fully sealed enclosure and print some fresh gears. I can’t wait to hear what they sound like with some liquid lubrication in there…


I don’t know what render what’s real anymore. The heatsink looks sick. Got a link for it? maybe I missed it, I’ll check again.


ever tought about printing a mold, and molding gears?


I’ve thought about it, but it seems like an investment without much value returned. Every time I print something, something changes… Rarely if ever have I printed something over and over the same way… And if I did that more often I’d be considering molding parts more than I do now.


randall 35 degrees baseplate on TB218 hangers? :smiley:


Ah yes, before thats what I had. I’ve swapped back to the standard TB baseplates though, since the damper really kills speedwobble regardless and I wanted the turning radius back.


Lubricated (silicone, Teflon, white lithium) herringbone Gear drive enclosure with sealing TPU… Test spin. I can’t wait to see how these ride once I get the other side on. I’ll just go crazy and hope they don’t fall apart. And, if they do fall apart, well then they weren’t good enough and I have other options to fall back on.


Got both gears on.

Here’s a video of the new gears in action.

The noise sounds a lot quieter in person, something about the video really accentuates it, but if you listen close you can tell for most of the video the sound of the wind is louder than the gears themselves. I have since added even more teflon, white lithium and silicone grease just for the heck of it. I have a feeling these will break in nicely, assuming they don’t go flying apart… lol.


Awesome dude !! You ride it! It sounds really good too :wink: most of the noise being the wind.
I’m a total noob in this 6" tires and wheels, but I see most and most on build over the years … I have to check that!
Well done :v: good continuation!


Will you sell this after testing, or have it on thingverse so we can try it out?
thanks in advance.


Not going to sell it. It may end up on thingiverse.

I took them out on a groupride today and they held up well all the way until the end of the ride. I scraped the bottom and one of them cracked in half.

They were so beautiful, the ride so insanely quiet… they roll forever, the torque is instantaneous… Everything about them is great except for one major downside. They are fragile… they can’t take a beating, and I doubt I could design a 3d printed enclosure for gears to withstand the kind of riding I want to do. Next step might be to mill these things out of aluminum or something… but for now I think I am going back to belts. I might even toss my superflys back on just for something different.

For now, I know I love gears the most- more than anything else out there. They are amazing in every way… but I gotta stop tinkering with my drivetrain. Maybe if I printed the enclosures out of nylon they would hold up well… Oh jeez, I can’t get sucked into re-making these out of nylon. :open_mouth: :anger: :triumph:


:rofl: now to make this out of aluminum the measurements should be the same so it would be awesome to have em somewhere for “perhaps” next summer. Thanks for sharing your experiment with the community man :+1:


Should be, lots of areas have 0.2/0.3mm tollerances built in for 3D printing, and for most circular spots that means 0.2/0.3 for the radius = 0.6+mm

If you wanted it to be perfect, some work would have to be done. Plus, something needs to be done about the TPU. Maybe having perfect tollerances will square things up, but for 3D printing… I still believe having reliable 3D printed gear drives / enclosures is possible, especially if it were all nylon and didn’t rely on sub mm tollerances (like my TPU gaskets), but this (although closer to reliable compared to my last iteration) is not it. Belts work well enough for now for me to decide that keeping on spending $20 on $20 for rolls of filament to test with is no longer viable. Lol. Until I get some good ideas, check out these pics of the aftermath.

I guess it’s not as bad as it may look, but if this is the result of one extended ride… then back to belts for me.


What part wore out most? The pics are not very clear.

What’s the issue with TPU, again?

Printing in nylon is the best case scenario, so definitely try it. I am building an enclosure and a heated dry box. Won’t print nylon before that.


The TPU is fine, it just rubbed on the tires and turned black, so I need to work on those tolerances a bit.

The gears were in perfect condition. I do need to do better to seal the enclosure, there were a few bits of shredded grass inside the enclosure after the ride, but not much… and no rocks or sand thankfully. The PETG enclosure itself took a hit from the edge of a sidewalk and shattered, nylon would just bend, and if that were the case i’d still be riding my gear drive probably.


It’s been a while since I’ve updated this thread. My antispark switch blew out on me.

I’m working on a 2S16P pack, hopefully to be able to deliver 80A, out of salvaged laptop cells, to booost my 10S to 12S.

Putting together an antispark XT-90 to replace the rocker switch.

I’ll update later on maybe when it all comes together. Beer. :grin:


Got just enough beer. Board works again. Yeeeeeet yeeeeper yeeet

Ah I’m gonna glue the cable thing to the enclosure now.


Thingy glued