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The Colateral: Moonshine sidekick 35" | Surfrodz 176mm | Blue Caguamas


Here is a small video of yesterday’s commute


I really need a board like that, how do you compare the blue Caguamas with the Kegels?


The riding is completely different, I never felt such smooth and soft wheels on any board not even the Abec 107mm superflys. So bigger wheels not always give you better shock absorbing.


Nice to hear that, I may get some in the future


Wow, this is fantastic! Hope to ride with you one day. :slight_smile:


I uploaded the video in 4k @ 60fps yesterday, however youtube quality is only a crappy 360p, I wonder how long it does take to fully process 4k quality?


Yours is not the only one, I saw some big channels these days with the same problem


It’s in 4K now :grinning:


Afaik if you upload the video from Google Direct Drive the conversion to 4k is faster


That’s a good tip @rojitor I’ll try that next time


Have you tried orange caguamas as well by any chance? I have the orange ones, and am contemplating if it’s worth spending 90€ just to upgrade them to the softer blue ones. I find it hard to believe that these feel better than superflys…

Also, have you tried Olllin’s Popoca wheels? Just want to know how they all compare, since I’m about to order parts for a new board too :slight_smile:


I have orange caguamas on my spud, they are really hard compared to blue Caguamas, however, take my advice with a grain of salt as the spud is stiff, seems like the sidekick fiberglass sandwiched inside helps a lot too with vibrations. I will have to test the spud with the blue Caguamas and the Sudekucj with orange to have a final verdict.


Yes it does but there is more secrets in there as I routed mine out for the blink s2 bamboo top layer and something real soft foam or cork not sure tho and there is polyurethane rails in the deck where the truck mounting points are these all in combination make vibration even less. I love this board so much… worth every penny …my outlaw that is the original big brother 38.5 feels even smoother as it has lil bit more flex in the middle longer wheel base