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The AVIO Urethane Gear Drive



Interesting, i’ve seen calibers turned down to 17mm and work without any issue. Do you have pictures of the bend?


I can take if only the hanger latter, have to find it first

It’s hard to show on the picture, but the motors at a lot close board side than road side, also it was a pain to take the wheel out due to the bearing

Also look at the wheels


yeah i can see the bend, how much did you turn it down by? (depth)


5mm past the motor mount excluding the inner plastic cover, I can look the exact value of you want


that’s probably why, im only taking 26mm off, so it should be fine (:

nah, dont trouble yourself with the exact value, that picture is worth a thousand words already


Good luck, taking that amount should be good since the moment is way lower at the extremes, is really hard to find where it bent, but it appears to be right after the motor mount, to the inside


Yeah i’d imagine it’ll be the place with the lowest strength and highest stress concentration too.


Are you sure they weren’t bent when u got them? Both sets of my Paris trucks arrived pre-bent for me at the factory :rofl: they’re known for it


Length. I’ve got 90mm axles on my SR trucks.
And still not 8mm. SR trucks use 10mm axles not 8mm.


ahhh ok makes more sense now. haha. thanks for clarifying


Unfortunately yes, I had some arrive bent also

I measured the distance between multiple parts of the motor mounts to make sure they were straight


Update: 10/11/18

To make the drive agnostic to any hanger (this means we can install the gear drive to almost any hanger now), we decided to change the motor mount slightly with a 19mm hole instead of a caliber profile that attaches to the motor mount using 4xM8 set screws (there will be 3 flat spots for the set screws to sit on (much like how one installs a motor pulley onto a motor shaft - can be seen from the pictures). The motor mount will sit on the 19mm lathed portion of the truck. Following that the truck is stepped down to 17mm to hold the bearings for the spur gear and the wheel adapter.

Stay hyped for v2! Will be ordering parts soon!

Here’s a pic of the lathed hangar! 19 to 17mm step down!




From a printed adapter with slop, to exactly 17mm for two, which will eventually be three bearings which fit snugly


Did you find a place that sell these bearings at a cheap price and from reputable brands? I almost had to let go of kidney when I bought them for my pulleys


I’m using UKG bearings from china for now. We have local stores that sell NSK bearings for about 12bucks a pop, but i honestly don’t see the point in getting high-end bearings. These bearings arent taking nearly much load as those on your wheels. I’m actl planning to get a set of NSKs vs my taobao bearings though, just to test the difference in resistance and what not.

That said, i don’t think they have to be top-end bearings? What’re your thoughts?


I kind of agree with you, but for 12 bucks the NSK is half of the price from what I pay here

The second tier ones may work forever or may not, it’s hard to know

What I would do is calculate the loadings and see how close they are to the limit, if it’s way lower you should be fine


Damn. NSKs are expensive where you’re at. haha. I could buy some and have them shipped over if it’s cheaper for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Doubt they’re anywhere close to the rated load rating nor RPM limits, considering these are way bigger bearings than the 608s we use on the wheels or 698s on motors ><.


No idea why, but I can’t seem to edit my original post anymore. weird.

Here’s a little diagram I drew up. Section view of the Aortal Drive with an E-Caliber



Thanks, I’m not using them anymore in my setup