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[Text Responses] No words…just pictures delete words!


I only have noods to writers on my right arm (tattoo)
So far hunter and lovecraft .
Douglas Adams is next


Black light thc tattoo for me whoop whoop!


Whose is that?! :joy::joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Going on this…

Obviously going with TB silver 6380s…


some Sender :grinning:


My first book I read without doing it for class was fight club. My college had a lot of off the wall books like the exorcist, the rum diary, feat and loathing. Since it was a college the had a copy of mein kampf in the history department. I read it and it was interesting and had the rest of the world read it probably would have changed history and stopped a mad man before coming to power.


Zero good comes from this topic on a forum full of drama llama’s. Lets give it an end right there at the start.


I can’t get over how good that thing looks.


My condolences


Dude I was so afraid of my board flying off the edge I shut everything off. Lol


You’re like the big dog in that little crew.


It was a small group today alot of people couldn’t make it but there are plenty of bad ass diy set ups in my crew.

Btw we did 14 miles and my battery is at 97% lol 2wd helped


I’m rocking my build in amongst chinese and evolves. Oh yeah. I deliberately don’t let anyone join who has a board to challenge mine.

Is that wrong?


I like having other builders near by to talk to so I can bounce ideas and share knowlege.


I don’t. I like being the big dog. Fix things sell them stuff. Another builder would ruin my little gold mine, theres only room for one alpha. :sunglasses:


I also told all of them that to join the forum you have to have completed at least one full build. Otherwise you lot would blow my cover. :smirk:


First rule of fight club is you do it talk about fight club


Let me see if I understand correctly.
The dentist charged you $800 to extract one tooth?


Pssssht this is MURICA

They probably charged $8000 and his insurance company talked them down to $1000 and then they paid $200 and stuck him with $800. Because, you know, they “paid 90%”

There is no health care in the USA any more.

But, collectively, we keep voting for people who make it worse. Oh well. I’ve just accepted I will die early because I’m in the USA


at least we have guns though!


Please ignore the thumbnail :slight_smile: