Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

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That’s with my insurance copay.
Everything cost extra since it was a non emergency same day visit apparently. (Seen same day i called in)


[No words...just pictures delete words! Use pm!]

Is that a subsonic Century 40/36?


The only thing I am going to say is that this is completely ridiculous.


What’s the diff between an emergency and a non emergency??


You should see the bill they stuck on me when i was 18… 80k after hardship discounts.

Emergency = seen right away forced into schedule.
Non emergency = made appointment under 24 hour notice…
Pretty much the same.


no idea what’s a subsonic century… see my Mini Rolling Fortress Build


it becomes super beautiful all that!
I love this mini tail and all the shape btw :+1:


Thank you! I’ll test it this weekend. I’m curious how this kicktail works.


Take photos and vid if you could :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I paid $80 for a PINHOLE size filling a few weeks ago. That’s a 20% I have to pay and insurance pays for 80%, that means that pin hole size filling that took less than a minute to do cost $400USD


That thing will Kill you mate. Looks like a lot of fun.


Take me to your leader :alien: Sick work. Build details anywhere?


You son of a gun… You keep showing us these amazing LED setups and never give us information.
Put the guide in the bag! :gun:


i went back to india for the first time after 10 years and visited a dentist for the first time in my life. i had two cavities they fixed that plus cleaning all for $42. gotta love them 3rd world country prices. :joy::joy:


depends on the country. in some places they’ll just pull em out!


I’m noticing @Money has the refined customer service acumen to make any new business leader limp with envy.


what tf happened?


Sad to say that I don’t think many of us are suprised by this


I’d really hope that nobody is.

For the record good god no I did not buy anything from him nor would I ever.


why is he so bad?