Buy FOCBOX Unity

Super glue for finger cuts?


…or you can go with Zip Skin Closure System by ZipLine Medical.


that would probably beat stiches,
I got a good few scares from stitches but then again maybe that’s because i got them in Russia :joy:


i love knives.
I have bought a few but I also love making them


Wow dude that knife is really dope. You got real skills.
That is another expensive hobby I’d like to try.


My cute EDC baby

And the big baby with :banana: for scale


I love Spyderco. I daily the Endura 4 it’s been awesome.


High five! Spydercos are my fav. Designed to cut, and they love trying cool new steels. Maxamet is like, huh? A steel designed to cut steels? And they have production knives with Maxamet?


Also for the quality you get they have good value. I’ve purchased more expensive knives that were crappy in comparison.


Maxamet chips easy :frowning: you want to cut steel? Rex121 XD