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Stator spinning inside motor


HI All,

I got back my board on Thursday and took it out for a test ride today. It’s got the enertion r-spec motors, and I noticed that one of the motors doesn’t have any torque. specifically, it looks like the stator is moving since the copper coils were spinning when I hit the throttle. Anyone have a suggestion on what I should do to proceed?


Hit @EnertionSupport and email them … Def don’t ride with that motor on


This happened to a lot of people. Including me
Bad batch of rspecs.
I emailed Enertion with no response but that’s fine it’s an easy fix


Agree with both @Michaelinvegas (definitely don’t ride it) and @barajabali (it’s pretty easy to fix). Same thing happened to me.

Stator actually came off when I tried removing the can…you can see it also shredded some of the phase wires…that’s what happens if you try riding it while the stator can move. I used JB Weld to resecure stator to the baring tube, good to go so far.


Thankfully I caught mine before it did crazy damage