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So I got 2 fsesc 6.6


that’s a long chain to manage but let’s try it out


They probably want a good demonstration that it’s broken. I think ur best bet is to make a video. Too bad the video wasn’t done when you first opened and ran it. Thinking i should do that with everything, not that I ever have before


i mean a picture of a blown fet should be adequate… no fets, no work lol…


You do more than me I dont even take pictures before I open electronics maybe I should start. I would think if they said to try and power it on and see what happens would mean they are at fault.


i always photograph new parts when they arrive for build logs and my fb/ig page


Try to remove that heatshrink from capacitors on broken one to see what is hidden maybe after some good sales they started to cheap out and replace with shitty parts like always china does :slight_smile:


@Kug3lis i’ll dissect if they choose to not to RMA and we have to charge back


@Hummie @thisguyhere

I think i would like to proceed with a charge back. It’s been a whole week with 0 response to my message where I stated if we could not come to an agreement for an RMA that I would proceed with a charge back.


Just so everyone knows, this experience has left a bad taste in my mouth with their company… but the product (when it’s not DOA) works great. I even bought a dual 6.6, anti-spark switch, and their Bluetooth module to test on a new build. They arrived today (befpre y’all ask, no it was not from them so I didn’t take their offer for 50% off and try to charge back as well) I ordered from @hyperIon2 as I like to support local businesses as much as I can even if there is a small mark up


sure, let’s do it.

tell me what to do, @Hummie can you even do a partial charge back? doubt it.


Can u fix it instead of being a loss? Shame to throw it when at least half goes right? Isn’t somebody like @JohnnyMeduse capable of making it go cheap.

What is a chargeback and what is n RMA?


RMA- return merchandise authorization.

As for repairing it, the pads for the blown FETs are gone, blown clean off, it would need an interesting fix… as well as a couple FETs.

I might be able to take it to work and throw it under the microscope to see if there is ANY hope of fixing it. But I seriously doubt it.


As for @Kug3lis’s request, here’s the pic of the caps unsheathed


@Hummie so I looked at it at work under the microscope and the pads are gone, no where to solder the FETs to, and FS stands by their offer of 50% off and not wanting to fix the issue as they seem to only be interested in $$ and not actually fixing their QC issues


I really love the QC passed sticker on it. It seems like overall the 6.6 work but some do have some turds in the group


its been handled finally after i got really mean w/ them they finally agreed to send a replacement out for the cost of shipping


I think you should post what you said to them to get them to send one out to you this way everyone knows what to say. Glad they finally fixed there screw up.

Should we start a pool to see if they just look at it, throw it back in they back and send it back out.


basically just threatened to do a charge back and file a claim w/ paypal and that i was pissed off