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Selling 1 Enertion VESC Unopened Toronto Canada



Enertion sent me a VESC by accident. I could send it back but I wanted to check and see if anyone in Toronto/Markham was really desperate for a VESC immediately. Its still in the shipping package. Never even seen the Toronto sun :slight_smile:


So you aren’t going to be honest and give it back to @onloop ?


I mean i guess he knows now lol


He deserves to know. That’s a loss of $200. It is the right thing to do to give it back.


Oh damn didnt know that the vesc costa $200, yeah he deserves to know and he should send it back - even if he is in Canada


I don’t think quanze should pay shipping, Enertion should. Sorry, it is around $180 AUD not $200 AUD.


Yeah Quanze hasnt done anything wrong here he shouldnt pay - but he really shouldnt sell his product


did you order one than cancel your order?


I was sent an email saying I’d be charged for it if I didnt return it. So I figured I’d save everyone some time and money if I could just pass it off to someone else nearby who needed it. I never had the intention of ‘stealing’ or what ever sketchy stuff people say I’m trying to do … Just trying to be helpful -3-


Oh, I thought you were going to make money off this. So you will sell it to someone, get the money, and then pay Enertion?


that was the plan. someone gets a vesc faster and enertion saves on shipping. jeez people


Haha you shoulda mentioned that it wasn’t stolen in the title hahaha you want 200 for it?


I wanna see if anyone in canada wants it first. If not idm shipping to states i guess


What @barajabali said. It is good to know there are people on this forum that will bash stealing :+1:t3::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: